”Happy New Year”,to all Who love America

Winter on the Farm
Winter on the Farm                I would like to wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous start to the new year … well when it gets here in about 6 hours.



Remember in all of what has transpired to this point , and with what we will be facing this coming year, that there is One Above who is aware and does care.  Trouble is the lot of the upright person, yet in being there for each other one can get through it .     Trouble also comes to the wrong-doer but they only have judgement to look forward to.

More Canadian Geese Flying south


Not the same Geese

Do birds like Canadian geese know intuitively that the weather is going to change or is there something else that influences their behavior?




pond almost frozen over/ time to go

I was outside a while ago and thought I heard geese, and sure enough, they came into view, a long way up in the sky for sure but definitely heading south. A few minutes went by and another group passed by from a slightly different direction. There appeared to be more than 100 birds in that first group and about half as many in the second.                                      If this means that they know something is coming better get your shovels out, find that bag of rock hard snow melt, make sure there is coffee and hot cocoa mix available, then relax.  I hear that it is freezing rain and not snow in the forecast so have some extra groceries on hand too. Fretting… no, it is that we have had some very nice weather for this time of year and some may have put being ready off till now.                                                               Take Care unto the next time. Phil

Wednesday-Almost over


           ” Merry  Christmas “

Less than two days away now. I’m certain that there are  many looking forward to the day, and a few of you looking for the day after, when it’s pretty well over except the few returns and post holiday sales.                                                      I saw an interesting snow-like man on Facebook this morning , made up of mud since there was no snow to be found.  I’m happy to be an artists though , the snowmen I have painted this year have not succumbed to the warm weather.                        I know that the two friends who purchased snowman paintings for yard display are really looking forward to some snow  that will complement their yard decoration. I think they are looking for the snow any way.

            Let me wish any of you who happen by the site " A merry Christmas",  and to any who do not celebrate the day " Have a wonderful normal day". 

          The saviors birth was likely just after harvest time in Israel, a season better suited for those who had to pay the tax imposed by Caesar for travel, and the fact that the shepherds were still in the fields tending their sheep( I am told that shepherds bring in the herds in winter the rainy season).  Just something to think about.

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Its never to small

IMG_1336  A pair of cicada wings

     These wings provided an interesting support for a painting. They were painted in 2008. The cicadas were of the 17 year variety, so it will be a long time before any will be seen in that area again. There are a number of animals and birds that benefit from these guys showing up. It was what the birds left behind that provided me with these two wings and many more besides. God's design of the wings is unique in itself, a friend challenged me to paint something on them. 
      These were found today as I sorted through bookmarks and art card originals I had painted.

Where Is the Snow?

Woodland Frosty
Woodland Frosty  Painted recently for a new friend.

          It is okay though about the snow because with the warmer weather fuel bills are lower which means more money for other things.  My only problem with not having snow is in having people interested in buying a snowman lawn decoration.  Or for those of us who would enjoy some ice fishing ,we are stuck on the bank. Then again this is not all bad since there is less of a chance of falling in.  Or rather a better chance of getting back out if we do.