The New Year is off to a good start.

Painted cottage cheese container lids
cottage cheese container lids


                          It has become quite cold outside these past couple days but I hear the temperature could reach the forties today or tomorrow.

What a way to start the new year. I don’t know about you but I do miss having some snow, not too much of course that would end up making for a lot of outside work.

I share the photo of the painted cottage cheese lids to show that something can be done with all the lids one ends up with after they re-purpose the tub to make a planter pot or use the container for something that doesn’t require the lid.

The lids were saved from being thrown away in a food service operation. I only wish I could have collected several more.

The wall display here was put together quickly so the picture could be taken. They are down now.   I have an Ice cream container project that will be presented very soon that will also show a few of the scenes that were painted on them.

It is taking me much longer to get this site fully operational and for that, I apologize. Others have shared the trials and errors they experienced and I now know some of how they must have felt.