Doctor Visit to Kcup Craft Project

    IMG_1693 Making the best of an unplanned trip to the hospital. This craft project you can also do.


I was in the hospital, actually two different hospitals for several days recently for a whirlwind of a trip for cardiac care.

  But it is not necessary to read the story to find out how to make the Kcup Get Well card holder. Simply scroll down past it.

On Friday, Jan. 29 th.  I went to see a cardiologist to get clearance for an upcoming hernia operation that was scheduled for Feb. 18th.  But having shared with the cardiologist that I had trouble with angina pain a few times over the past several months, and one incident as recently as the day prior to my appointment she was concerned and began working on getting me into the hospital through the emergency room.  I was later a direct admit to the cardiac (telemetry ?) unit and was waiting I believed to simply take a stress test the following morning.

     Blood work that was done Friday afternoon revealed that a stress test was unnecessary, I at some time past had indeed had a heart attack.

Pill cup patient pick me up
Pill cup patient pick me up
. So I was to now spend the weekend in one hospital and be transferred to another for a heart catheterization on Monday.  On Sunday I was transferred to the other hospital to wait and undergo the test.( this was not getting me closer to being approved for a hernia operation/ yet doc insisted that my heart was more important.)

IMG_1632  Since I went in to see the doctor feeling fine the heart attach news did not throw me off any, and I still thought that with Monday's test and maybe a stent or two being placed where needed I would be home late Monday or early Tuesday.  But No.

IMG_1504  During the heart cath procedure, it was discovered that I had blockage in three places.  The main artery that fed the other two, each with a blockage of their own, was 60% plus obstructed.  With lower left front 90% and anterior left 95% blocked.  ( forgive my layman's description). So no going home yet.

    Now I was being scheduled for by-pass surgery for feb. 4 th.  ( the 4 th. was also the day the doctor who was to perform the hernia repair was willing to move that surgery up to).

     You just never know what a day may hold.

.  The bypass surgery was done early Thursday morning and  I was taken to the coronary care unit to be watched over and cared for until I came to some hours later. All I remember from the day is when the breathing tube was removed and seeing my parents. I was in and out of consciousness more than a few time as the anesthesia wore off,  and for as many times as I woke up then fell back to sleep I could only liken it to the movie Groundhog's day.  I hesitated to mention this to the nurse who watched over me during her night rounds since I may have already said it to her a time or two before.

  Everyone responsible for my care, doctors, nurses, aides therapists and all others did a great job.

I may have talked a lot during my stay and asked a lot of questions but being in a okay mood during that time made it better for them and me.  I am grateful for the first doctor's concern that proved well founded and led to the repair of a condition that easily could have led to my not being here in the near future or even now.


           A couple of days prior to the intended release from the CCU  I thought  I should have been saving the drink cups and the pill cups to find an addition use for them.

                         Thus we have the patient end table photo or get well card holder.

IMG_1637   It is small enough to not get in the nurses and doctors way yet can provide a word of encouragement from a family member or friend  or simply hold an uplifting photo.


To do this fairly easy Kcup craft project ( which can also be done with pill bottles or pill cups and even the cap from a roll on deodorant like  Dial).









  •    Empty Kcups or pill bottles
  •   Acrylic paints and gloss
  •   Spray paint optional
  •   small artificial flowers
  •    plastic forks
  •   plaster of Paris

   embellishments if desired


    Once you have your supplies and other items take and paint the Kcups whatever colors you choose and let dry.                          You can paint  simple flowers, or random colors on them.                                                                                                                                                      Once the paint is dry mix a small n of plaster and place some in each cup.  Plaster hardens fast so don't mix too much at one time.

      Then before the plaster gets too hard stick a plastic fork in it Tines pointed up.  Also at this time you can cut a few artificial flowers to stick in the hardening plaster.  

       From this point  let the plaster have time to harden sufficiently.   Then you can give some to friends and the cashier and anyone else interested.

           They make nice gifts. They make nice Place card and recipe holders. And more. Enjoy,  and let me know you make out.