The Birds are back/Spring weather is here

 The Birds are Back. Yes, We have a wonderful Creator. Just listen to the many different sounds the birds of spring make.

I have been feeding birds for a few months now and have enjoyed some interesting times with them. Not social time,  just time watching them at the simple feeders I set up outside the basement window.

We had a fairly mild winter in this area,  still rather cold most of the time. I’m sure that these birds that stay year round were quite satisfied to have some additional food available during this time.

baltimore-oriole-950579_1280 Yet the joy of the warming temperatures and spring saw the return of a couple of Orioles who have been enjoying the orange halves I secured to the rail in the gazebo.  I have yet to get a picture of them but what a beautiful color they are.

bird-861882_1280  The ruby throat hummingbird male is back. ( it would be interesting to know if he is the same one that frequented the feeder last summer).  I have not seen the females yet but what a friend told me is that hummer males and females head south at different times, which likely means that they return separately too.                                                           The male from last summer thought that the feeder should be his private source. Now that he is here first he will really think that it is not necessary to share.

marsh-wren-936996_1280  Early last summer there was a very boisterous female wren that set up house in a bird house on the back porch. I was enjoying her company.  She was certainly one to sing when she was in the area.  She would perch on top of the gazebo roof and just chirp, or whatever you would call the song that she sings, on and on. It is something how loud she could be for as small as she is.  The wren did not stay though because a while after she had set up her nest a Starling made several attempts to get inside the birdhouse opening that a squirrel had already widened in his efforts to get inside at an earlier time.

                                  There is a new pair of wrens now looking over the birdhouses I have outside.

I had four bird house plant stands next to each other just over near the gazebo. I watched one morning as the two birds went in and out of the houses apparently looking for just the right space.  But the birdhouses were only to be there temporarily and were located right at the entrance to the gazebo.  I moved two of the birdhouses down, one on each side of the gazebo, and the others up to the basement where I do my painting and crafting.   The wrens are still around but I am not sure that they like the new placement of either house.

robin-1192321_1280 The birds are back including robins and starlings that comb the back yard looking for worms and insects.

There are two or more robins with nests ( and young ) in the pole barns down back.  The birds are not fans of our being around but they do like the shelter.   It was interesting last summer to watch the young one beginning to fly.  They would end up on a tractor or piece of equipment exhausted or simply not sure what to do next, and mom and pop would be nearby calling and carrying on until the little one was up and moving again.

The birds are back  It has been great to see the barn swallows back as well. A few days back I saw just one, by yesterday there was a few.  They are constant flyers or so it would seem. And it is interesting to watch their aerial acrobatics as they play their endless games.

Cardinals have been in the area but have not joined in at the feeder outside the window.

chickadee-797397_1280 The chickadees have been here since I started the feeders, and have provided their own unique sounds to the area.

gold-finch-215101_1280  And the goldfinches have been through though they like the cardinals have not come to the feeders.

I will have to get some photos taken or located to add to this post for now ”Thanks for stopping by, enjoy creation”.

The photos added now are from Pixaby free stock photos, though I did buy a couple of cups of coffee as a thank you to two of the photographers.


Mom’s Mother’s Day/How was your day moms?

IMG_1926       For my mom’s mother’s day, I did not take my mother out to eat but did grill up steaks, microwaved baking potatoes, and heated up some yellow squash. One of my nieces was over with her daughter, so we had 3 generations covered.
My youngest brother owns and operates a family restaurant, so he was rather busy. My other brother works at a family restaurant, and he was quite busy too. And my sister and her husband live down south so were unable to join us.( It was their daughter who did come over after church).

The meal was good and mom only needed to set the table. I also cleaned up, and did the dishes. After lunch, everyone relaxed for a while, and I believe they got in a game or two of dice.
Certainly less hectic than going out for lunch.

To all of you reading this I hope that your mom’s Mother’s day went well too.