Feeding the birds/ Cornbread Birdseed Cake

    Feeding the Birds is a hobby of mine and one many other’s enjoy too.

   Baking cornbread birdseed cakes is something new.

In a previous post, the birdseed cake was made using flour. My interest also is in making feeding the birds easier.  So while I was at a Dollar General store a couple of days back  a couple of boxes of Jiffy brand cornbread mix were purchased.  I figured that it was worth making a seed cake from them and see if the birds liked it.

Many of the birds that come to the feeders I have set up outside my studio window don’t appear to be interested in the ground corn.  Since peanut butter is used in the birdseed cake recipe the birds might eat the ground corn as well. ( this works with the flour seed cakes).

My hope too was that the cornbread mix would prepare easily shortening the prep time and provide a softer

cake for the birds.


Tuffed Titmouse

The birds do well with the birdseed cakes made from flour but the cakes often are quite hard which makes it difficult for many of smaller birds to access what they need.

I am still working on the birdseed cake recipe to find just the right mixture so that the finished cake is firm yet easily consumable by the birds. Nothing is lost with the firm seed cakes I simply break them up a bit when it is seen that the birds are having difficulty.


The Jiffy mix turned out just as it should even with the addition of a cup of the birdseed mix in the first cake. And in the second seed cake,

a half cup of peanut butter was added along with the birdseed.

   The squirrels insist on getting some too.

I use a planter box tray just outside my window as the main feeder so the full -size seed cake is simply placed on the tray.

The seed cake is broken in half when the suet cake feeder is filled.

You can check out the bird seed cake using flour at http://www.philjrsartscraftsmore.com/baking-is-for-the-birdsno-really-for-birds/.

To make the birdseed cake using the Jiffy cornbread mix follow the directions for the regular recipe (you can substitute water for the milk) then add 1/2 to 1 cup birdseed mix of your choosing, along with 1/2 cup peanut butter.

If necessary you can add just a bit more water if your mixture appears too dry. Bake until the cake is firm. Use an 8”by 4” loaf pan.

Up and Coming/New Theme/Improved Blog

Just a few days back I installed a new Theme by Themes titled Sydney.

Please bear with me as I work with Theo from websitesmadeeasy.tv to get the site running smoothly.  http://websitesmadeeasy.tv/blog/

James Stafford has the video ”How to Make a WordPress 2017 on Youtube.com. That is, to share that I am following set up instructions, not working one on one with Theo.

I wanted to let you know this should you have any troubles as you browse the site.  Feel free to send any insights you have as you look through the posts and projects.   Thanks.  PCjr


A Season of Giving/ The Christmas Holiday

Hello and Welcome
Hello and Welcome

   Is there a way to have the season of giving last a while longer?



Holiday Mirrors
Holiday Mirrors

Yes there is and the giving and receiving can be a joy and a means to build lasting relationships as well as strengthening relationships one already has.



a candy machine would really extend the giving

It is great to get a gift from under the Christmas tree. A few gifts is even better But how long after the Holiday is it before the excitement of the gifts is gone? For many of these gifts, and the interest in them left before the next day.

So as not to ramble on, what I would suggest is spread the season of giving to other months of the year.

I don’t mean simply birthdays and such but monthly or every other month, think of a nice gift that you would like to get for that special someone. Buy the gift and give it to the person wrapped or not wrapped.  Then tell the person what the person means to you or why you gave this to them.


 Spreading out the season of giving will also help your money situation.   You will not have to dish out a large sum of money in a very short period of time.

427397350?st_id=40789262 And by spending more time with the receiver of your gifts the relationship can grow or be strengthened.

Deciding when to give the gifts will be an important thing to have prepared for. Plus having a scheduled time allows you an easy reminder of what you are going to do.  And scheduling can be as simple as marking a day for each month on the calendar.                                                              Have some fun with this.

It is really good to incorporate a form of the extended season of giving into a marriage relationship. When done sincerely it will mean a lot to the one receiving the gift. And with many of the gifts, it will not be the gift that is significant but the one who cared enough to give it.                                                                                       .http://www.bonanza.com/booths/PCJR57?utm_campaign=booth_complete&utm_medium=Notifier&utm_source=email

I do not have an affiliate relationship with either of the other Bonanza sellers whose product photos, the candy machine, and the piggy bank, shown in this post. These and the link to my booth are provided to give you some ideas for gifts that you could purchase during the year. Bonanza.com has a great selection