Strawberry Grow Jugs/Repurposed Gallon Water Jugs

Growing you own fresh strawberries indoors or out. To make your own inexpensive strawberry grow jugs you will need some empty gallon water jugs that you likely already have around the house ( or your nearby recycle bin ). This […]

Small Container Herb Gardening

     Small Container Herb Gardening to keep the thumb green and the pasta’s tasting great. More than pasta of course …..and not just herbs.   The photo shows some of the Parsley that was still growing until a couple […]

Free Bookmark Set Download

     The free bookmark set download is a gift to you, from Card’s Creative Canvases. Here is an opportunity to make your own bookmarks simply by downloading the photo print and cutting out the bookmarks.  This offer is for […]

Repurposed Cloth covered Cheese Box

       A repurposed cloth-covered cheese box/gift box is a craft anyone interested can do.   Using a Velveeta brand or store brand 2 lb cheese box a very nice gift box can be made.   By selecting your choice […]

Creamer Container Christmas Decoration

       A Christmas Holiday/ Window or Walkway decoration, using re-purposed powdered creamer containers. A few months back while reading through a project on titled; Simple organizing: Re-purposed coffee creamer containers.  By One of the visitors commented that […]

RePurposed Pill Bottle Holiday tree Ornament

     It is a great time of year to be able to do something worthwhile and lasting with some of your collection of pill bottles.     Turning your pill bottle collection into nice Christmas tree ornaments can be […]

Hand Made & Painted Cloth Bookmarks

        Re-purposing ”new” cotton handkerchiefs to make great looking, long-lasting, handmade and painted, bookmarks.   Many years ago, after I had just begun to paint as a hobby, I started to include small paintings with the many […]

Beveled glass mirror

Beveled Glass Mirror/upcycling project

 It has been just over a month since I last posted a project,  spring fever I think…so much to do outside. Yet I did have this beveled glass mirror project yet to do. How I came to purchase this mirror: […]


   Salt and Pepper containers; Have a new purpose.   It was time for a change. The glass shakers seen here have seen many years of service.     The glass itself is fine but the lids have had enough.  Salt […]

Re-purposed Teriyaki sauce bottle/mother’s day gift

   Mother’s day is just 3 days away ,and dinner out may already be set. But what about something from the heart and your own creativity? Why not a re-purposed Teriyaki sauce bottle ( or another long neck bottle ).   […]

Mother’s Day on the Rocks / painting on the rocks

            A beautiful painting for Mother’s day; painted on a rock. Here is an opportunity to do something special for mom that reminds her that you love her.  And you set it in stone.   […]

rainwater collector

Rainwater collector/55 gallon barrel

  Thursday’s Project Post / Featuring a 55 gallon Vinegar Barrel now Rainwater collector.   This barrel can handle the water collection without needing to be painted but where is the joy in that? Just one more item in the […]

Decorative birdhouse mini plant stand

Decorative Birdhouse Mini Plant stand

     A Re-purposed 5 quart Ice Cream tub makes a great plant pot and base for a decorative Birdhouse mini Plant Stand.   This is the start. The idea taking shape.  This scaled down decorative plant stand has a 14”shelf and […]

Birdhouse/Plant stand

The Bird house plant stand makes   a great lawn or garden ornament. These plant stand-bird house combination pieces are made using new white wood for the bird house, re-purposed 4 and 5 gallon food grade buckets for the base, […]