How could it have been a good Friday

   There is no way it could have been a good day for the one who was crucified.

Most of you know some of what is said to take place prior to one being impaled on a stake, not good-by any means.

But more important here is that Jesus  Christ(proper name Yahshua, the messiah)could not be the one who was crucified on a Friday since Yahshua himself said that he was going to be in the grave thee days and three nights as Jona was three days and nights in the belly of the great fish.See Mathew 12 ; 40.

Now if Yahshua had simply said three days, one might rightly conclude that the days would not have to be full 24 hour days . But stating  three days and three nights requires the full-time not one whole and parts of two.

Yahshua was to be the heavenly sacrifice that paid the(our)wage for sin(breaking God’s laws) that the earthly sacrifice of a yearling lamb could only serve as a type ie. be temporary.

It was Yahshua’s shed life’s blood that satisfied the righteous requirement ( the wage for sin is death). But Yahshua had to die( he of his own and in the will of the Father laid down his life for all mankind), and the way this death was to take place had to be according to the scripture also. Yahshua was to be the passover sacrifice.  The Passover is the 14 th. of the month in the first month of the year first called Abib( green ear month-early spring ) Later this month became Nissan.

Three full days from the time and day of our savior’s death will take us to the 17 th. of Nissan.  The 15 th. of this month is the beginning of the feast of unleavened bread( also a sabbath/ high sabbath).

There is a Friday in this sequence but it was the second day of Yahshua being in the tomb(dead).  And with there being two sabbath’s in this time frame it was actually on the regular sabbath ( which we call Saturday) before sunset that Yahshua rose back to life ,which showed that he indeed was the savior, without sin in himself but having borne the punishment for our sin; death could not keep him.

Remember too  that it was the women who went to the tomb at the end of the regular weekly sabbath with the spices but found the tomb empty , And on this first trip an angel was at the opened tomb who declared that Messiah was not there but risen.

I would enjoy hearing from you.