new chapter

A New Chapter Microgreens, rather than a Resolution

  A New Chapter, Microgreens, Yes because resolutions rarely or never stick.

A new chapter   A new chapter for me will be growing microgreens for the Health of it. And of course growing microgreens for sale.

For the present, a new chapter is to consistently have the seeds planted germinate and mature to the point where they can be harvested.a new chapter

  This is something you can do as well and during any time of the year.

.  Today is December 31 st and in just over 2 hours the new year will be here. It is 0 degrees or below outside.  Yet some of the microgreens in the basement are almost ready to harvest.

The photo above shows some of the microgreens that were recently harvested.

I still reclaim and repurpose things such as Dollar Tree soup bowls and 10by10″ cupcake trays, along with some cooked chicken carry-out containers. I have even repurposed the basement baseboard heating unit to provide heat for the germination stare of the seeds.

It is not a pretty set up and is still being organized.  The consistent heat from the unit works great in helping the seeds get started.

Welcome to 2018. I could not finish this last night and it is now early in the morning of January 1st.

A tablespoon of seed, 12 grams, from a spicy seed mix yielded this tray of microgreens. The greens weighed out at 75 grams or 2.65 ounces.

I am just getting started with this new chapter of gardening for the health of it. The addition of some of these greens to a salad has provided more flavor to the salad. And using some of the greens along with a salad mix (chopped up a little ) I have made some nice omelets.

My first seed order was from The Sprout House 

that I ordered on (this is not an affiliate link at present).  The Sprout House offered a variety pack 12/2 oz bags at a really good price. What I found though is that the seed mixes are suited for sprouting (as intended)not well suited for microgreen growing because the seed mixes germinate and grow at different rates. This is simply my experience.

For sprouting the Sprout House seeds would do well.    I use t-8 fluorescent lighting to finish the microgreens and activate the chlorophyll.

I am ordering seeds from 

The prices are good and the seeds do well.  There are other seed companies to check with this is simply where I am at right now.

I would enjoy hearing from you.