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About Phil's

Hello, I'm Phil
      Phil's is a  place where one can be inspired to work on a DIY project or craft.        From the little saves such as a re-purposed pill bottle to the larger items like a wooden pallet. Simple inexpensive projects for fun or relaxation, or maybe even a flip to make a little money.

I did not begin to do much with painting until in my early 40's and was all thumbs to start but over time as well as encouragement from friends ( and some heckling by the same ) the end pieces turned out pretty good.

 View some of the posted projects then see what you can come up with yourself. Enjoy !

Crafts and do it yourself projects are great, To know the one who gives us life and the promise of a future is much better. Ephesians 2: 8-10 ( in the bible ).

      Introducing ''Card's Creative Canvases''

I was going to have Card's Creative Canvases as the name of my domain.   Painting on a large variety of supports,  Creative Canvases seemed appropriate.  It is the name of the "new" business of which this site is a part.        Before starting the business it was my privilege to provide artwork to a number of groups to be used in their fundraising projects, along with items others had provided. My artwork has been included with gift packages to some of our military serving overseas. And cards of encouragement have been sent to Christians who have been imprisoned for their faith in Christ. And now the art is available to anyone interested.

I  have a booth at ;           http://www.bonanza.com/booths/PCJR57? utm_campaign=booth_complete&utm_medium=Notifier&utm_source=email          Be glad to have you stop over and see a few of the items available for purchase.

Sincerely, Phil Card Jr.

If you are ever in the Binghamton/Endicott, NY area you can stop by my brother's place  Phil's Chicken House for a nice meal.  It is a full-service family restaurant. on the web at Phil'sChickenHouse.com. Our dad opened the restaurant in 1965.