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A New Chapter Microgreens, rather than a Resolution

  A New Chapter, Microgreens, Yes because resolutions rarely or never stick.

A new chapter   A new chapter for me will be growing microgreens for the Health of it. And of course growing microgreens for sale.

For the present, a new chapter is to consistently have the seeds planted germinate and mature to the point where they can be harvested.a new chapter

  This is something you can do as well and during any time of the year.

.  Today is December 31 st and in just over 2 hours the new year will be here. It is 0 degrees or below outside.  Yet some of the microgreens in the basement are almost ready to harvest.

The photo above shows some of the microgreens that were recently harvested.

I still reclaim and repurpose things such as Dollar Tree soup bowls and 10by10″ cupcake trays, along with some cooked chicken carry-out containers. I have even repurposed the basement baseboard heating unit to provide heat for the germination stare of the seeds.

It is not a pretty set up and is still being organized.  The consistent heat from the unit works great in helping the seeds get started.

Welcome to 2018. I could not finish this last night and it is now early in the morning of January 1st.

A tablespoon of seed, 12 grams, from a spicy seed mix yielded this tray of microgreens. The greens weighed out at 75 grams or 2.65 ounces.

I am just getting started with this new chapter of gardening for the health of it. The addition of some of these greens to a salad has provided more flavor to the salad. And using some of the greens along with a salad mix (chopped up a little ) I have made some nice omelets.

My first seed order was from The Sprout House 

that I ordered on (this is not an affiliate link at present).  The Sprout House offered a variety pack 12/2 oz bags at a really good price. What I found though is that the seed mixes are suited for sprouting (as intended)not well suited for microgreen growing because the seed mixes germinate and grow at different rates. This is simply my experience.

For sprouting the Sprout House seeds would do well.    I use t-8 fluorescent lighting to finish the microgreens and activate the chlorophyll.

I am ordering seeds from 

The prices are good and the seeds do well.  There are other seed companies to check with this is simply where I am at right now.

Holiday gift ideas and Projects

      Holiday gift ideas and projects. One I just finished today can provide you with something you can make. The Holiday gift ideas and projects vary in degree of difficulty yet they can also stimulate your thinking on how you can do something similar.

Today’s project can be found by clicking this link

The Dollartree wreath could be done before Christmas 

The Snowman on a framed picket fence

Christmas gift ideas and projects

( ie. picket fence section ) can be done up in a couple days… and you can use any piece of wood that would fit in the size frame you have. T1-11 plywood will also work.

A project that is a bit more involved would be ideal for the painter who would like something interesting to paint on. This old wooden sled

Or you can paint a simple scene featuring a snowman at play.  I painted both sides of this saw

Not trick photography I painted a second saw on one side so I could get pictures for the project post.  When I got started with the saw painted on both side I only took one early picture instead of the progression pictures needed.

Should you have a collection of empty pill bottles this project would be worth taking a look at

Over 734,000 views so far on

As Holiday gift ideas and projects go you never quite know what will be a hit with the recipient but you certainly proved the sincerity of the gift because you made it yourself. And as a project, you have done something enjoyable ( I would hope ).

As I edit this post now the new year 2018 is only 2 hours and 55 minutes away. You now have time ( and a resolution due ) to work on Birthdays and upcoming Holidays to make something up yourself. Have fun and enjoy the process.

Painted Winter scene Vintage Hand Saw

    Holiday Project: A painted winter scene on a Vintage Hand Saw

painted winter scene on vintage hand saw painted winter scene on vintage hand saw I have a handsaw that was picked up at a Flea Market in the Fall of 2016. That is if I remember correctly. There was a nice winter scene that I wanted to paint  and this saw was ideal for it. That winter scene did not get done so a couple of days back I decided to do a different scene and include a painting on the opposite side of the saw as well.

Moving right along to get the saw painted I neglected to take pictures of the steps to do the paintings the on the first saw.                                                                                                                                                                This photo is of the saw I obtained from one of the garages in order to show part of the process for the snowman side.

  After lightly sanding the metal on this saw I applied a coat of Zinsser primer to seal the metal. Once this primer coat had dried (with the help of a blow dryer to speed things up) I began to dab in the background color.

Thallo blue with just a touch of white. Then I tapped in some distant evergreens and highlighted them.

The snow color for the field is a blending of browns with a little blue. Then to add depth to the snow, pure white was applied over the base color in some areas.

 The snowman base color is a blending of light blue lavender and white. This will add coolness to the white that will go on top of this mixture as well as add some dimension to him.

Next step is to add more white to the snow yet leave enough color visible underneath to make the snow have some depth to it.  The Snowman with the red scarf is on the first saw.

 In the previous photo and in this one the snowman is now being dressed up more in a simple scarf and black hat. I added a couple of fence posts here and a little pine tree, and a Cardinal.

 To finish the demo saw I dabbed in some lights for the tree and added some winter grasses, and finished the scarf and hat on the snowman.

The double painted saw is for sale and can be seen at

If interested in a custom painting email me at

Yoplait’s” OUI” 5 oz Yogurt Glass Jar Repurposed

   Yoplait’s” OUI ” 5 oz yogurt glass jar.  Yoplait recently introduced its French-style yogurt that they named ”OUI”, Yes, and it is very tasty.

I do Product sampling demos at a Walmart store and this is where I was first introduced to ”OUI” French-style yogurt. Since I am also one who likes to repurpose things my first thought for the 5 0z. jars were as votive candle holders. The jars are an ideal size for the small candle. A person could also make the jar itself into a small scented candle.

     Yoplait’s OUI 5 oz. yogurt glass jar is much more versatile than for simply being made into a candle.  While I had quite a few empty jars to work with once washed, I began to think about other uses for them. ( Not while I was working, of course, I was very busy dishing up samples ).

On the side of the jar is written ”single service use” likely for liability reasons. What a waste that would be for the glass jar. So with whatever I share or you choose to do use good discretion.

   I have yet to make the candle but several other practical and fun projects were tested.

One was to fill the jars with different types of candy. The jars to be used will be painted with  Holiday or seasonal art.



 Having some fancy duct tape I finished a licorice candy dish by covering the top with the tape. The decoration on the jar is painted using acrylic paints and sealed with a clear acrylic gloss.





This is the jar prior to adding the candy.





  The glass is not Pyrex, tempered glass, but it is a thick glass so I wanted to find out if it could handle a 350-degree oven.  The test was for two purposes; 1 to know if paints that need to be heat set to make it top rack dishwasher safe can be used . 2 To know if a dessert could be baked in it and safely served to someone. Both tests worked. I would use a better quality paint for the next jars.

While I was making banana bread some of the batter was added to 3 jars, each at a slightly different level not being sure how high the mix would rise in the jars. The OUI 5 oz yogurt jars held up great. ( I have only test baked at 350-degrees in the convection bake mode).

     Yoplait’s OUI yogurt 5 oz. glass jars also work well with no-bake desserts. After going to a couple of grocery stores to pick up instant pudding mixes and toppings as well as some no-bake cheesecake, I made some up and soon after gave them to friends. One of the desserts is banana cream with a vanilla wafer crust.




   I baked or made a number of other desserts as well. Pineapple upside down cake. A baked cheesecake prior to the no-bake cheesecake done using a recipe found on   A Brownie and M&M dessert from a recipe I found in a Taste of Home recipe book.








Yoplait's OUI 5 oz yogurt
Yoplait’s OUI 5 oz yogurt glass jar

Having some friends who have a microgreens business made me think that the jars might also make nice single serve salad topper. Though the test grow was okay I would like the yield to be denser.  I will have to find out if my friends will give it a go.






Yoplait's 5 oz yogurt glass jar The jars do paint up nicely.

See what you can come up with,  And I will go into more detail with some of the things I came up with.  And share a couple good ideas that friends have suggested.


Make it a good day and you will have had a good day.



Easter or Sabbath Resurrection?

Easter or Sabbath resurrection

   When was it, on Easter or the weekly Sabbath that Messiah rose to life again (after he laid down his life for our transgressions)?

Tradition has it that the one you know as Jesus was crucified on a Friday and then rose again Sunday morning.

Easter or Sabbath.  The scriptures record in Matthew 12:40 Jesus speaking ”That even as Jona was three days and three nights in the belly of a great (big) fish (not alive) even so he (Jesus)(properly Yahshua) would be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth ie. dead and buried (not alive speaking to anyone anywhere). parentheses added.

   You can not get three days and three nights into a good Friday to early Sunday morning.  We can though get a pagan tradition that has to do with weeping for Tammuz, bunny rabbits (hares), eggs, and a sunrise on the venerable day of the sun, Sunday, that predates the savior’s sacrifice by many hundreds of years.


  Easter or Sabbath.  Yahshua being true to his word of which all of the scripture is about became the true Passover sacrifice of which the animal sacrifice was only a type. And as a good look at the scriptures and a clearer understanding of what took place will show, that Yahshua yielded up his life ( no one had the power to take the Son of God’s life in themselves) on the Passover which takes place on the 14 th Nissan and three days and three nights from there is the 17 th Nissan.

The day after the Passover is the beginning of the Feast of unleavened bread. This day is a High sabbath. On this day too no servile work was to be done, this being the 15 th Nissan. The day after this high sabbath is a regular routine day the 16 th N.

and would be the day the women went and purchased spices to apply to Yahshua’s dead body. After the women purchased the spices the scripture says that they rested the on the sabbath according to what was required by God and this would be the regular weekly sabbath.

When Joseph and Nicodemus begged Pilate for the body of Yahshua so they could bury him before sunset, this was for two main reasons, One God had given a law that a body hung must be taken down before nightfall, and two the High day of the 15 th would begin just after sunset and the body was not to be still on the stake then.

Taking into account the two sabbaths and the actual Passover of the 14 th, the 14th would be our Wednesday…..

Wednesday by the time sunset came Yahshua was in the tomb. This would be two to three hours after he said ‘It is finished” and he yielded up his life and died. Thursday by three pm would be day/night 1, Friday 3 pm/night 2, and Saturday/regular Sabbath 3 pm/night three full days and nights.  Yahshua having been faultless in himself and having fully paid our wage for sin rose sometime on the regular Sabbath.

     It was the women who came to the tomb on the first day of the week ( the first trip just after our sunset which is when their day begins) Sunday, and Yahshua was not there. The scriptures provide at least three accounts of the women visiting the tomb.

Yahshua fulfilled his promises according to his word (the scriptures), not a man-made holiday.   You sin and my sin debt was paid in full by God who loves you. Trust Him.

Decoupage Cloth Covered Tea Box

   Here is an Easy to make repurposed ”cloth covered” tea box.

I found that a spray adhesive works really well to secure a piece of linen or cloth to the tea box. This allows the project to be one that is easy to make.  In the past, I painted the tea boxes and added a unique hand painted landscape or floral arrangement to the top and sides of the box.

painted tea box
hand painted tea box


Looking for ways to make the box sturdy so that it would last a long time I began securing a painted cloth to the tea box. Inexpensive handkerchiefs were purchased. Then the new clothes were taped to a plastic covered surface and a coat of acrylic paint was applied to the material and allowed to dry.

Painting new white cloth works very well. The cloth cuts nicely and does not fray easily.

new handkerchief painted brown
base painted new handkerchief







I do not want to get away from the main purpose of this post, yet should you have plain white material and want to paint it a color of your own choosing, these are the steps that you would use to make your cloth-covered tea box.


   To make your decoupage cloth-covered tea box;

  1. you need an empty regular tea box
  2. Linen or cloth w/a pattern or solid color. about 1” longer all around than the box
  3. a spray adhesive. ( I used Loctite brand to make these new ones)
  4. scissors/ruler/pencil
  5. 1 or 2 Decoupage napkins

The link in # 5 is one I have an affiliate association with. This means that I will receive a small commission should you purchase something from there. It does not cost you anything extra.

The linked shop does have an excellent assortment of napkins.   You may use any napkin or paper that you already have.


step 1 cloth covered tea box
excess material cut away

First open the tea box up so it can lie flat on the surface. Spread the cloth that you have chosen so that it is flat-out on the surface that you are working on. As seen in the photo the box print should be to the inside. ( this is so the lettering does not show through the material.   cut away the excess material leaving at least 1” extra all around the box. This will permit you to wrap that amount over the inside edges.

Before you cut away the excess material take the open box and place it somewhere that you can then apply the spray adhesive to the white surface. Then carefully lay the box down on your cloth sticky side down and press it on the cloth.  Now the excess cloth can be cut away leaving at least 1” extra all around the box. This will permit you to wrap that amount over the inside edges.

  You are doing great! Now move the covered tea box to where you did the first spraying and carefully spray along the edges and fold the extra cloth inside.

If you are not already aware of it spray adhesive stays tacky for some time after you apply it. You may want to wear some light disposable gloves while working on this stage of the project.

cloth-covered tea box with the excess cloth secured.
box glued back together. 

For light cloth, the spray adhesive will work okay to glue the box back together. You can use any other glue you might prefer.


There is the option of securing cloth or felt inside the box if you would like to.

Your box is now ready to decoupage with the napkin patterns or scenes that you have chosen.


Dollar Tree pillowcase material used to cover the tea box

I painted sunflowers on the top of the other cloth-covered tea box that was being put together at the same time as the one in this demonstration.






 A quarter section of a decoupage napkin was used on top of this tea box.
side view. all 4 sides painted

This floral fit so nicely on top of the box I decided to use it instead of painting some other scene.

The decision came from realizing how many more people could do a project like this and the relative ease with which it could be accomplished.

What I would suggest is that you glue the napkin you have chosen to a piece of white or colored paper that is cut to the same size as the napkin first then glue that to the box.

Napkins become translucent when the adhesive is applied the paper keeps the picture as you want it.

checking out how other napkins looked on the box

I would be happy to hear how you make out or answer any questions that you may have.