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Sharing a view of paintings already finished or in the works , some even for sale

Painted Milk Can with A Summer Scene

 This Painted milk can features a nice summer scene with Hummingbirds and a Bluejay.


This was then..but now it's a blended green
This was then..but now it’s a blended green

img_2647Several weeks back one of my dad’s cousins asked me if I would paint a milk can. I said yes to the project and the challenge.

The vintage milk can is in really good condition so it was not necessary to spend a lot of time sanding the milk can.

After the sanding was finished the can was spray painted to prime the surface as well as to provide a sealant.

I could not decide what to paint on the can but Denis shared with me what their idea for the scene was: and I said yes.


sealed and primed
sealed and primed

The next coat of paint unified the color of the surface.                                     I had used up some partial cans of spray paint that might not have covered over sufficiently if left as it was. Zinsser primer is what was used to cover the three base colors .

img_2713    Then I mixed a light yellow- green to provide a background for the painting. This was dabbed on using a 2 1/2” long bristle brush ( a standard paint brush from Walmart).

img_2722    This is how the background looks when completed.


Next, I started to base in the fence posts.

img_2931     I did not have a scene in mind as yet so I just started painting and would build it as it as I went.


img_3015  Knowing that there was to be Hummingbirds as the main characters  I had something to work towards. A country setting gave me the freedom to have tall grasses by the fence. And to provide some color, wild flowers would be painted in.  Though they are not able to be seen very well I based in the Hummingbird shapes where I wanted them to be.

Painted milk/Progressimg_3038    Next, it was time to start giving some color to the birds.


There are four Hummingbirds in total. Birds of my own imagination and colors.

Flowers were also being added as I went along.
The Hummers now taking shape it was time to think about what was to be painted on the other side.

Having more than enough Hummers on the milk can already I decided on adding a Bluejay. He may be a bit out of proportion for the space he has but I think he still looks good.

img_3060img_3059  There was a lot of area to fill in with flowers yet and the Hummingbirds needed their final touch up.

And we are coming to the end of what was done to make the scene.

During the time I worked on the main painting I was also deciding whether or not to tighten up the painting by painting a portion of the top a solid color and to do the same for the bottom band.

img_3057img_3055     As you saw in the previous pictures and can see here in the finished painting, the painted milk can top and the bottom were done in a solid deep green.

I think overall the painting turned out well. Now I am waiting for Denis and Shirley to pick it up, and to hear if it meets their expectations.


Glad that you could spend some time with me. I trust you found it interesting as well?

Feel free to stop in and see my booth at:

The person who received this milk can as a gift was very pleased with it.








Home/Garden/ Mini Wheelbarrow planter

mini wheelbarrow planter
wheelbarrow planter ready for flowers

     An acquaintance/ friend asked her husband who helps my dad work on his John Deere tractors if I would paint something on the sides of this decorative mini wheelbarrow planter.


IMG_2032   The mini wheelbarrow planter itself is nicely put together and painted a bluish gray.  I’m not sure of the manufacturer.

I was happy to have the opportunity to come up with something for the wheelbarrow, just not sure what at the start.

IMG_2034    A flower garden scene was chosen. 2” masking tape was secured along the bottom. Then after getting setup with my paints, shades of green were dabbed on just above the tape.

Since I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have, the next step was to begin adding a variety of flowers.

IMG_2033   Only one side was done at a time because at the time I was deciding whether to do a similar scene on the other side
20160630_083218_resized20160630_095341_resizedor something completely different. Later it was decided to do a similar scene, to compliment the

Though the flowers could not be matched exactly, having done them free-hand, I did line many across from where they are on the opposite side.  Also done once the tape was removed was to paint a line horizontally across the side, and dry brush in some white lines both horizontally and (lower) vertically to make it appear that these are individual pots.

Something I had neglected to do when first beginning the painting was to lightly brush in some lines behind where the flowers would be. It wasn’t to late, though, to add them, just after the pots.  This addition of brushed in lines helps add a sense of depth to the painting.

Now the scenes are nearly finished.  All that was needed yet is to bring some of the flowers and leaves down over the sides of some of the pots.  And then to apply a couple of coats of clear gloss (exterior grade).


Its never to small

IMG_1336  A pair of cicada wings

     These wings provided an interesting support for a painting. They were painted in 2008. The cicadas were of the 17 year variety, so it will be a long time before any will be seen in that area again. There are a number of animals and birds that benefit from these guys showing up. It was what the birds left behind that provided me with these two wings and many more besides. God's design of the wings is unique in itself, a friend challenged me to paint something on them. 
      These were found today as I sorted through bookmarks and art card originals I had painted.