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Thinking Out Loud is me sharing what is on my mind at the time with friends and whoever stops by. writing with purpose wether light or deep but never shallow or vain.

Happy First day of 2017

       Yes, happy first day of the new year.


For many of us, the first day of 2017 is coming to a close, I trust your day went well?

For those of you who still have some time there is time to make January the first a good one.

Why not say something encouraging to a family member or friend. I’d say encourage a co-worker but most of you have had the day off so you can do that on Monday.

     My encouraging word to you is to think honestly about your plans and your resolutions if you made any, and decide what you truly want to do and work towards that. If you don’t neither will last to the weekend.


Thinking about you.

I will be thinking of you in good ways though most of you I have not met. May you gain wisdom and understand truth where it really matters.


Your friend.   PCjr

A Season of Giving/ The Christmas Holiday

Hello and Welcome
Hello and Welcome

   Is there a way to have the season of giving last a while longer?



Holiday Mirrors
Holiday Mirrors

Yes there is and the giving and receiving can be a joy and a means to build lasting relationships as well as strengthening relationships one already has.



a candy machine would really extend the giving

It is great to get a gift from under the Christmas tree. A few gifts is even better But how long after the Holiday is it before the excitement of the gifts is gone? For many of these gifts, and the interest in them left before the next day.

So as not to ramble on, what I would suggest is spread the season of giving to other months of the year.

I don’t mean simply birthdays and such but monthly or every other month, think of a nice gift that you would like to get for that special someone. Buy the gift and give it to the person wrapped or not wrapped.  Then tell the person what the person means to you or why you gave this to them.


 Spreading out the season of giving will also help your money situation.   You will not have to dish out a large sum of money in a very short period of time.

427397350?st_id=40789262 And by spending more time with the receiver of your gifts the relationship can grow or be strengthened.

Deciding when to give the gifts will be an important thing to have prepared for. Plus having a scheduled time allows you an easy reminder of what you are going to do.  And scheduling can be as simple as marking a day for each month on the calendar.                                                              Have some fun with this.

It is really good to incorporate a form of the extended season of giving into a marriage relationship. When done sincerely it will mean a lot to the one receiving the gift. And with many of the gifts, it will not be the gift that is significant but the one who cared enough to give it.                                                                                       .

I do not have an affiliate relationship with either of the other Bonanza sellers whose product photos, the candy machine, and the piggy bank, shown in this post. These and the link to my booth are provided to give you some ideas for gifts that you could purchase during the year. has a great selection


Thankfulness and Thanksgiving


Come on out the snow is fine.
Come on out the snow is fine.


 I am thankful that there is much more to life than what we see and experience.

And having a worthwhile future because of the one who is over all and paid the debt for my failing. It is not religion but acknowledging the one who is life.
Thankful for the things I and we have been given by him to enjoy and to fill up our lives when the things given are used in the right way.
I like turkey and I also like ham if you do not nor do you feel you should eat it either that is okay too.
I have had the privilege of working in food service and serving many people for a number of years, though not all in a row. Lots of food and some nice guests to boot.
Certainly, there is more that could be shared but I wanted to get this out before the holiday rather than after it.

Though this post was not about the snow,  we certainly received some over the past couple of days. (Broome County, NY )True not as much snow as some others did but that is okay too.

Night Games you didn't know about
Night Games you didn’t know about

I now have a booth at  Card’s Creative Canvases stop over and take a look, then let me know what you think.

Mom’s Mother’s Day/How was your day moms?

IMG_1926       For my mom’s mother’s day, I did not take my mother out to eat but did grill up steaks, microwaved baking potatoes, and heated up some yellow squash. One of my nieces was over with her daughter, so we had 3 generations covered.
My youngest brother owns and operates a family restaurant, so he was rather busy. My other brother works at a family restaurant, and he was quite busy too. And my sister and her husband live down south so were unable to join us.( It was their daughter who did come over after church).

The meal was good and mom only needed to set the table. I also cleaned up, and did the dishes. After lunch, everyone relaxed for a while, and I believe they got in a game or two of dice.
Certainly less hectic than going out for lunch.

To all of you reading this I hope that your mom’s Mother’s day went well too.

Passover memorial or Easter

The debate of the many religious groups continues but only one can be correct.

Passover memorial or Easter Which one, Passover Memorial or Easter do you believe it should be?  Debate is not the purpose of this late night post.  It is being presented because the savior indeed paid the debit but not a debit he owed,  it was our debit that he paid for with his life. Yet the timing is important too.

   The timing is important since the scripture provides us the sequence of events and Easter another.

And that he the true messiah rose from the dead on the third day confirmed who he really is.                                               In humbling himself in obedience even to dying on a stake for transgressions but not his own( he was without sin) He was exalted and given the name above every name,  that at the name of Yahshua the messiah every knee shall bow of those in the heavens and in the earth and under the earth.  And everyone will confess to the glory of Yahweh the Father that Yahshua the messiah is Lord.       Look at Philippians 2: 5-11

Yahshua said that even as Jona was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, even so, would the Son of man be in the heart of the earth.  Both Jona and Yahshua were dead.

    According to the scriptures, Yahshua was the Passover lamb who was going to fulfill the Heavenly sacrifice of which the earthly was only a type. And Yahshua was also going to accomplish this in the sequence of events that made up the earthly ceremony.

According to the scriptures, Yahshua was tried on the night of the 13 th  Nissan our Tuesday after dark and through the night to our Wednesday morning. ( Jewish reckoning the new day begins after sunset ). After sunset it became then the 14 th of Nissan.  The 14 th is the day when the lambs would be sacrificed.

Yahshua was with the disciples minus Judas Iscariot in the garden late Tuesday when the religious authorities with the mob came to arrest him.   Then in the early morning of the 14 th after Yahshua had been mocked spit upon and beaten with a whip almost to death, he was lead out and impaled on the stake. Yahshua was nailed to the stake and hung there suffering, thirsty and being continually mocked until 3  Pm at which time he said it was finished and he of his own doing breathed his final breath and died.

Just before sunset Nicodemus and Joseph were given permission to remove the Lord’s body from the stake so the body could be in the tomb before the new day started just after sunset.

Yahshua died on Wednesday the 14 th at 3 Pm (approx). was placed in the tomb by sunset. Three days and three nights later he was raised back to life because he was without sin in himself. It was our sin he bore the punishment of.   So Wednesday the 14 th to Thursday the 15 th is one ; Thursday to Friday the 16 th is two: and Friday to Saturday the 17 th is three.   Saturday is actually the Sabbath.

Yahshua could be raised to life again anytime on the 17 th . Though it could also be at 3 Pm three full days and night after he died.

The Women made their first trip to the tomb just after sunset on the sabbath and Yahshua was already gone.

The wonder of the women visiting is interesting in itself because the scriptures record at least three visits by the women. They were at the tomb on our Sunday Yahshua was already gone and did not show himself to Mary Magdala until later in the morning.

So according to the scriptural account Easter is not the day Yahshua rose from the dead and has nothing to do with our savior.


”Happy New Year”,to all Who love America

Winter on the Farm
Winter on the Farm                I would like to wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous start to the new year … well when it gets here in about 6 hours.



Remember in all of what has transpired to this point , and with what we will be facing this coming year, that there is One Above who is aware and does care.  Trouble is the lot of the upright person, yet in being there for each other one can get through it .     Trouble also comes to the wrong-doer but they only have judgement to look forward to.