Decoupage Cloth Covered Tea Box

   Here is an Easy to make repurposed ”cloth covered” tea box.

I found that a spray adhesive works really well to secure a piece of linen or cloth to the tea box. This allows the project to be one that is easy to make.  In the past, I painted the tea boxes and added a unique hand painted landscape or floral arrangement to the top and sides of the box.

painted tea box
hand painted tea box


Looking for ways to make the box sturdy so that it would last a long time I began securing a painted cloth to the tea box. Inexpensive handkerchiefs were purchased. Then the new clothes were taped to a plastic covered surface and a coat of acrylic paint was applied to the material and allowed to dry.

Painting new white cloth works very well. The cloth cuts nicely and does not fray easily.

new handkerchief painted brown
base painted new handkerchief







I do not want to get away from the main purpose of this post, yet should you have plain white material and want to paint it a color of your own choosing, these are the steps that you would use to make your cloth-covered tea box.


   To make your decoupage cloth-covered tea box;

  1. you need an empty regular tea box
  2. Linen or cloth w/a pattern or solid color. about 1” longer all around than the box
  3. a spray adhesive. ( I used Loctite brand to make these new ones)
  4. scissors/ruler/pencil
  5. 1 or 2 Decoupage napkins

The link in # 5 is one I have an affiliate association with. This means that I will receive a small commission should you purchase something from there. It does not cost you anything extra.

The linked shop does have an excellent assortment of napkins.   You may use any napkin or paper that you already have.


step 1 cloth covered tea box
excess material cut away

First open the tea box up so it can lie flat on the surface. Spread the cloth that you have chosen so that it is flat-out on the surface that you are working on. As seen in the photo the box print should be to the inside. ( this is so the lettering does not show through the material.   cut away the excess material leaving at least 1” extra all around the box. This will permit you to wrap that amount over the inside edges.

Before you cut away the excess material take the open box and place it somewhere that you can then apply the spray adhesive to the white surface. Then carefully lay the box down on your cloth sticky side down and press it on the cloth.  Now the excess cloth can be cut away leaving at least 1” extra all around the box. This will permit you to wrap that amount over the inside edges.

  You are doing great! Now move the covered tea box to where you did the first spraying and carefully spray along the edges and fold the extra cloth inside.

If you are not already aware of it spray adhesive stays tacky for some time after you apply it. You may want to wear some light disposable gloves while working on this stage of the project.

cloth-covered tea box with the excess cloth secured.
box glued back together. 

For light cloth, the spray adhesive will work okay to glue the box back together. You can use any other glue you might prefer.


There is the option of securing cloth or felt inside the box if you would like to.

Your box is now ready to decoupage with the napkin patterns or scenes that you have chosen.


Dollar Tree pillowcase material used to cover the tea box

I painted sunflowers on the top of the other cloth-covered tea box that was being put together at the same time as the one in this demonstration.






 A quarter section of a decoupage napkin was used on top of this tea box.
side view. all 4 sides painted

This floral fit so nicely on top of the box I decided to use it instead of painting some other scene.

The decision came from realizing how many more people could do a project like this and the relative ease with which it could be accomplished.

What I would suggest is that you glue the napkin you have chosen to a piece of white or colored paper that is cut to the same size as the napkin first then glue that to the box.

Napkins become translucent when the adhesive is applied the paper keeps the picture as you want it.

checking out how other napkins looked on the box

I would be happy to hear how you make out or answer any questions that you may have.

I would enjoy hearing from you.