Feeding the birds/ Cornbread Birdseed Cake

    Feeding the Birds is a hobby of mine and one many other’s enjoy too.

   Baking cornbread birdseed cakes is something new.

In a previous post, the birdseed cake was made using flour. My interest also is in making feeding the birds easier.  So while I was at a Dollar General store a couple of days back  a couple of boxes of Jiffy brand cornbread mix were purchased.  I figured that it was worth making a seed cake from them and see if the birds liked it.

Many of the birds that come to the feeders I have set up outside my studio window don’t appear to be interested in the ground corn.  Since peanut butter is used in the birdseed cake recipe the birds might eat the ground corn as well. ( this works with the flour seed cakes).

My hope too was that the cornbread mix would prepare easily shortening the prep time and provide a softer

cake for the birds.


Tuffed Titmouse

The birds do well with the birdseed cakes made from flour but the cakes often are quite hard which makes it difficult for many of smaller birds to access what they need.

I am still working on the birdseed cake recipe to find just the right mixture so that the finished cake is firm yet easily consumable by the birds. Nothing is lost with the firm seed cakes I simply break them up a bit when it is seen that the birds are having difficulty.


The Jiffy mix turned out just as it should even with the addition of a cup of the birdseed mix in the first cake. And in the second seed cake,

a half cup of peanut butter was added along with the birdseed.

   The squirrels insist on getting some too.

I use a planter box tray just outside my window as the main feeder so the full -size seed cake is simply placed on the tray.

The seed cake is broken in half when the suet cake feeder is filled.

You can check out the bird seed cake using flour at http://www.philjrsartscraftsmore.com/baking-is-for-the-birdsno-really-for-birds/.

To make the birdseed cake using the Jiffy cornbread mix follow the directions for the regular recipe (you can substitute water for the milk) then add 1/2 to 1 cup birdseed mix of your choosing, along with 1/2 cup peanut butter.

If necessary you can add just a bit more water if your mixture appears too dry. Bake until the cake is firm. Use an 8”by 4” loaf pan.

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  1. Phil; The idea for the bird feeder is a great idea. The only problem I can see is it would give the neighbor hood cats something to do.

    1. Good point. I’ll have to be careful with my response. There is a similar challenge with hawks in the country too. The smaller birds will need to be extra careful if you know what I mean. Good to hear from you again.

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