Happy First day of 2017

       Yes, happy first day of the new year.


For many of us, the first day of 2017 is coming to a close, I trust your day went well?

For those of you who still have some time there is time to make January the first a good one.

Why not say something encouraging to a family member or friend. I’d say encourage a co-worker but most of you have had the day off so you can do that on Monday.

     My encouraging word to you is to think honestly about your plans and your resolutions if you made any, and decide what you truly want to do and work towards that. If you don’t neither will last to the weekend.


Thinking about you.

I will be thinking of you in good ways though most of you I have not met. May you gain wisdom and understand truth where it really matters.


Your friend.   PCjr

I would enjoy hearing from you.