holiday gift ideas and projects

Holiday gift ideas and Projects

      Holiday gift ideas and projects. One I just finished today can provide you with something you can make. The Holiday gift ideas and projects vary in degree of difficulty yet they can also stimulate your thinking on how you can do something similar.

Today’s project can be found by clicking this link

The Dollartree wreath could be done before Christmas 

The Snowman on a framed picket fence

Christmas gift ideas and projects

( ie. picket fence section ) can be done up in a couple days… and you can use any piece of wood that would fit in the size frame you have. T1-11 plywood will also work.

A project that is a bit more involved would be ideal for the painter who would like something interesting to paint on. This old wooden sled

Or you can paint a simple scene featuring a snowman at play.  I painted both sides of this saw

Not trick photography I painted a second saw on one side so I could get pictures for the project post.  When I got started with the saw painted on both side I only took one early picture instead of the progression pictures needed.

Should you have a collection of empty pill bottles this project would be worth taking a look at

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As Holiday gift ideas and projects go you never quite know what will be a hit with the recipient but you certainly proved the sincerity of the gift because you made it yourself. And as a project, you have done something enjoyable ( I would hope ).

As I edit this post now the new year 2018 is only 2 hours and 55 minutes away. You now have time ( and a resolution due ) to work on Birthdays and upcoming Holidays to make something up yourself. Have fun and enjoy the process.

I would enjoy hearing from you.