Mom’s Mother’s Day/How was your day moms?

IMG_1926       For my mom’s mother’s day, I did not take my mother out to eat but did grill up steaks, microwaved baking potatoes, and heated up some yellow squash. One of my nieces was over with her daughter, so we had 3 generations covered.
My youngest brother owns and operates a family restaurant, so he was rather busy. My other brother works at a family restaurant, and he was quite busy too. And my sister and her husband live down south so were unable to join us.( It was their daughter who did come over after church).

The meal was good and mom only needed to set the table. I also cleaned up, and did the dishes. After lunch, everyone relaxed for a while, and I believe they got in a game or two of dice.
Certainly less hectic than going out for lunch.

To all of you reading this I hope that your mom’s Mother’s day went well too.

I would enjoy hearing from you.