Christmas snowman on framed picket

Christmas Snowman on Framed Picket

  Christmas Snowman on Framed Picket was a painting that came about after I saw a painting featuring a couple joyful snowmen on wood that was framed by a glass window.



Christmas snowman on framed picket  The Christmas Snowman on framed picket here was started first by bleaching the wood and frame.

I did not take pictures of the cleaning process. The frame had been in the basement for a couple of years and the pickets had been removed from a section of fence that has been in the woods aging.

Christmas snowman on framed picket After wiping the frame and giving the wood time to dry over the baseboard unit. I took the pieces of picket and stapled them to the frame. (The photo showing the back of framed pieces is from another painting but shows the stapling).

Once the wood was in place I took a sheet of canvas and stapled that to the frame to help secure the wood even more.

Christmas snowman on framed picket  For this painting, I used a snowman outline from a craft book I purchased from Susan Scheewe Publications by artist Susan Kelly.

I will modify the snowman some and make my own scene up from this point.

     A Christmas Snowman on framed picket just seemed to be a cool thing to do.

  Not sure what I was going to feature to make up the rest of the scene a small Christmas tree and fence post was added and then built up from there.  I decided to add Merry Christmas rather than include more characters ( creatures like birds and animals).

Christmas snowman on framed picket I went with green and red for the lettering and added more snowflakes.  A mittened right hand was added and the snowman was then finished up.

     The letters had been built up too to make the Christmas snowman on framed picket stand out better and the painted areas had a coat of acrylic gloss added.

I decided not to chance a color change in the wood by spraying on a clear gloss. A Cardinal was added to finish the painting  and it was ready to be taken to Up the Creek consignment Boutique

 Here are two other paintings I did along with the featured one.

On wood the snowmen playing are difficut to see.  Two are toasting masrhmallows, two are tobogganing and three are playing ball.


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