Creamer Container Christmas Decoration

       A Christmas Holiday/ Window or Walkway decoration, using re-purposed powdered creamer containers.

A few months back while reading through a project on titled; Simple organizing: Re-purposed coffee creamer containers.  By

One of the visitors commented that the creamer containers that she had just purchased were white, not clear so she was not sure they would work to store dry food products in.

img_3148   But the comment regarding translucent white containers got me thinking of a way that the creamer containers could still be upcycled and kept out of the landfill.                                                                                                  Truthfully the containers would still make good dry food product storage one would simply need to label the containers.

img_3151   What I did at the time though only having one empty flavored coffee creamer container, was to place a color changing tea light inside the container turn out the studio lights and take a picture each time the light’s color changed.

 And now we have a Creamer Container Christmas Decoration project.


img_3150     For this present craft project, I am re-purposing the container so that it can be set along a walkway and lit at night or placed on a window sill inside the house

To help keep the container upright when placed beside the walkway or some other suitable place outside, sand and small stones can be added to the container.

And so the tea light can be easily accessed to turn it on or off, a string can be secured to the light and either glued to the lid or have just enough extra to it to hang over the top edge when the top is screwed on. In my photo above the material I used was handy.

img_3159img_3157img_3156    The lids to the creamer containers can be left unpainted or spray painted in the colors you prefer.


I am going to see if placing a solar light on top works and can be secured well enough to handle the weather.

Having just last night begun again to develop the project’s possibilities I have not borrowed any of the walk’s solar lights.

Now, Tea lights single color or changing color units can provide an interesting look to your walkway or window.

img_3162  Yet more can be done to the creamer containers that is, embellish them.


I have done one of the three containers available.  The other two will be done soon so I can set them in a window to take a photograph from inside as well as outside.

 After a  recent tractor club meeting, I picked up one of the solar likes along our walkway and set up to take a couple of pictures with it on the decorated creamer container.

creamer container Christmas decorations The solar light works really well.  In a window, it would not be necessary to secure the light on.  For outside clear box tape might work for a little while.  Solar lighting of other types are likely available I simply have not checked further than a mail order catalog.


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