Decorative birdhouse mini plant stand

Decorative Birdhouse Mini Plant stand

     A Re-purposed 5 quart Ice Cream tub makes a great plant pot and base for a decorative Birdhouse mini Plant Stand.

IMG_1812  This is the start. The idea taking shape.  This scaled down decorative plant stand has a 14”shelf and would handle small flower bowls or pots.   I found a few artificial flowers in the attic to get a better idea of what can be done.  They help. Now all that is needed is something to go on either side of the bird house. ( not necessarily flowers ).




The full-size plant stand with a bird house that

is seen in the previous portfolio post is 42” plus tall with an 18” long floor piece allowing 6” on each side of the B. H. for the plant pots.


    A look at another planter. It has a string of small artificial flowers that strung nicely around the branch post.  Your creativity in arranging some artificial or real flowers of your own liking will make your planter sharp.








IMG_1816IMG_1817   To paint the tubs I used Zinsser primer for the base coat, then dabbing on color with a 2” well worn flat utility brush.  Then after applying the color (s) around the entire tub I went over the tub again blending the color into the white base coat some more but not so much so as to make it one solid color.


Choose your own color, or colors and have some fun. It does take some practice to get the blend to the place you would like it.  It is good to experiment with this process first on another surface to see how it will turn out.  Of course using acrylics on the tub will allow you simply to wash the paint off and start over if you want a different look than you ended up with.

For the support posts I used cut tree branches, and 2” by 2” pieces of pine. To the bottom of the posts I screwed on a piece of pallet wood approx. 3 1/2” by 6” using a 3” deck screw.

decorative  birdhouse mini plant stand     The top pieces were secured with either the 3” screw or 2 1/2” drywall screws.  I used a 1” by 4” by 14” for one setup,  a 7” diameter plaque for another,  and one is waiting for something to be secured to the top piece.

I added creek gravel to the bucket after the post was in place to give it some support as well as a weight to help it stay upright when fully set up.

The decorative bird houses were from A C Moore or Walmart.  Each store carries some, and it was last summer that I purchased these.    I painted the bird houses to spruce them up a bit more.   The 7” circle plaques are from Walmart.

IMG_1829IMG_1830     I painted several of these tubs some months back.  A few are being used to store plastic ware and napkins for tractor club meetings      a non-profit charitable group.)  and other events. For some of these tubs, I painted scenes on the lids to add character to the container.

Now though using these tubs here to make the decorative mini birdhouse plant stand (s) they were not needed.  The lids will make good wall art.

I did not provide a lot of instruction in this post But you have a good excuse to go out and buy a tub of your favorite ice cream and enjoy! Then craft your own flower pot.

I would enjoy hearing from you.