DollarTree Wreath Christmas Decoration

  This Dollar Tree Wreath Christmas Decoration is easy to make and fun too.

dollartree wreath christmas decoration The wreath I purchased from DollarTree when embellished was going to be part of a Fireplace mantle decoration to go along with a 24”by10” framed painting that featured snowmen enjoying some winter games.

    Dollartree wreath Christmaas decoration  The DollarTree Christmas decoration was to be embellished with a few hand painted wooden ice cream spoons like the ones that come with the little 4 oz ice creams.

    I am not sure how accessible the wooden spoons are nowadays but there are also little wooden spatulas like those that are used when sampling lotions that may also be available.

dollartree wreath Christmas There are many ways to turn the spoon or wooden spatula into an ornament. One is to take a disposable container that you fill full with water and pour drops of fingernail polish on the water and then dip the spoon down into and the paint works its way up the spoon giving you a marbled spoon.

You can get at least 2 spoons done one after the other this way. Then simply empty the water, wipe away any paint residue, and start again.  You will need to use needle nose pliers to hold the very edge of the spoon to allow the random pattern to cover the entire area.

I did not drill a small hole to put a string or hook through the spoon but it would be a very good idea to do so before dipping the spoon so that you can hang it to dry after the paint is on. Then again, if you are securing the spoon to the wreath you could lay the painted spoon on a piece of plastic to dry since the back will not be seen anyway.

DollarTree wreath Christmas decoration  For this Dollartree wreath Christmas decoration I had a variety of painted spoons already. Some of the spoons had potted flowers painted on them, two had a snowman on them and others flowers.

Have some fun with painting; go with all abstract if you want.  Flowers can simply be made up and painted the colors you want. Use glitter or glue small items on the spoons.

dollartree wreath Christmas decoration    My Dollartree wreath Christmas decoration developed in a way all its own.

 My idea had been to use some picked pieces and frame them as you see in this photo. Then take the wreath and secure it to the boards and to finish hang some of the spoons from it.

Now I did go with the distressed picket pieces but this picket was the top pieces,  Sections that I had cut off to salvage the lower wood.

I had collected some small pine? cones and added them to dress the decoration more.

Then our live Christmas tree needed a couple lower branches removed so after that was accomplished I cut some pieces of Spruce and arranged them around the DollarTree wreath Christmas decoration

How nice these look on the pickets but they are all simply lying there, they need to be secured somehow.

I went with rubber silicone and applied a dab to each piece on the board. The picture frame was also eliminated.Dollartree wreath Christmas decoration

What a transformation from the first idea. The featured photo at the top is the finished piece.


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