Free Bookmark Set Download

     The free bookmark set download is a gift to you, from Card’s Creative Canvases.

Here is an opportunity to make your own bookmarks simply by downloading the photo print and cutting out the bookmarks.  This offer is for your own personal use and to share with friends and family. The artwork is copyright protected.

The artwork is original and was painted by me. I have just now begun to set up what will be a series of hand painted bookmarks for download. The set in its original is 7” by 10” though copying may alter the measurement some.

In order not to have the download include the entire post; open the image in a new tab, click the tab and then copy image. set up your print info page to portrait and color. Then print.

        I would appreciate knowing how the print turns out, I just set this up for the first time, today. Thank you.


free bookmark set download
sample #1              Here is another set you can download for free/for your personal use and to share with others.

free bookmark set download

There will be others and improved sets.

free bookmark set download
mixed set.      This final set features 4 cloth bookmarks and 1 canvas



I would enjoy hearing from you.