K cup re-purposed/Recipe Card holder

Empty K-cup upgrade

IMG_1504My Dad gave me a couple  boxes of these portion cups at Christmas.  Green Mountain Coffee brand.  So I figured why not put the empties to good use as many other crafters have done.



Needed for the project is; K-cups cleaned and dry; small stones; Dow Great Stuff foam sealant; Gesso or Zinsser primer; Acrylic paints ; Spray paint if you prefer, your choice of colors; Plastic forks, and or popsicle  sticks ; Removable mounting tabs; Small artificial flowers and greenery; Small paint brush if using acrylic paints; Thin blade knife.

IMG_1496 If applying acrylic for the base coat brush on the gesso or primer first and let dry.  Using spray paint simply paint the cup and let dry.

Add a small stone to each cup. Stone should be heavy enough to keep the finished piece from tipping over easily, yet leaving enough room for the foam.

IMG_1499 Now add the foam according to the cans instructions and safety guide. Only fill the cup about 2/3 rds.  full since it will expand plenty. Allow time to harden, 12 hours or more is good. You can work with it in about 2 hours but inside will not have cured fully.  Next insert the knife where you want the fork or stick to go. You may need to cut some off the fork or stick.  The forks I later purchased from Dollar-Tree were short enough already.

IMG_1500   You can now paint the dome and when dry add the embellishments.  Here as well as in the Pill bottle up-cycle I used flowers and greenery found in the attic.

If you used a fork all that is needed yet is the note or recipe card.


IMG_1502 The spoon is nice but limited in its usefulness. With the right scene the finished piece would still make a nice table decoration or gift.


I like to paint something on some of the containers to make it of interest as well.  The popsicle stick is where you would use the removable mounting tab.  I had some small craft sticks available and used one of them.




This process works well with pill bottles too, with some minor variations.

There is a Pill bottle up-cycle project posted as well.

     Good Crafting.




I would enjoy hearing from you.