Re-purposed Teriyaki sauce bottle/mother’s day gift

 IMG_1985  Mother’s day is just 3 days away ,and dinner out may already be set. But what about something from the heart and your own creativity? Why not a re-purposed Teriyaki sauce bottle ( or another long neck bottle ).

IMG_1963     I had four empty sauce bottles needing to be up-cycled. My mother really enjoys going to see lighthouses. And collecting lighthouse paintings and keepsakes . So the first bottle I painted a few days back featured a Lighthouse, some water , sand, and of     course a few seagulls.

IMG_1968IMG_1965   I had already spray painted one of the bottles, and having some small Mother’s day  cards chose to glue a card to the front.  On the other side an art card print from one of my Pinochle card paintings was added ( not for sale ).  Using a IMG_1969paint pen Mom was written on the neck of the bottle, and Love You over the card.  To finish this one a nice single flower was added and a butterfly to compliment.

IMG_1974IMG_1964    The lighthouse scene was already painted when the photos were taken.  This painting was started by doing the middle area first , the ground was painted the a place was chosen for the Lighthouse and caretakers little house. Nothing fancy since this was to be a quick painting , and at the time it had not been determined where this painting would be going.  The blues for the water area was then added and a little white for the white caps. The foreground area was then painted to finish the main scene.  I added the clouds last because I held the bottle neck as the lighthouse area was being painted.  Later sand was put inside the bottle to add to the composition, as well as help hold the flowers in place.

IMG_1980     Now for the Mother’s day bottle shown in the first photo.  For this bottle I spray painted it purple using Rustoleum grape.  Then to speed up the drying time a hair dryer set on low was used and the warm air was applied for about 5 min.  I did let the bottle set for a few more minutes before testing to see if drying the paint this way worked. Thankfully it did.   From there the mother’s day card was dampened with water so it would form easily to the bottle. a light coating of glue was added to the back of the card and spread around then the piece was applied to the bottle.IMG_1979

IMG_1978 The lettering was added, then some flowers and greenery were painted to liven things up a little.

The orange flowers and onion grass with butterflies ( purchased from DollarTree ) were then arranged in the (now) vase and the gift was finished.

The hardest part of this project was trying to get a photo of the finished pieces. Good Crafting…especially to any who do a similar work.

I would enjoy hearing from you.