Painted Ice Cream lid Clock

Using Re-purposed ice cream lids to make this Painted ice cream lid clock.


Thursday, January 14th, I decided to find out whether or not the ice cream lid clock project would work out.  I had a clock surface,  made by Walnut Hollow that originally was going to be used for a second painted ice cream spoon clock.                                                                                  The first spoon clock made using 1/2” plywood that I had cut the clock surface from turned out nicely.  The clock did not get made and the seven dollar piece of birch wood ended up as a cover for the bird seed…not good.







cropped-IMG_1061.jpg            The lids were already painted and first used in one of several 2013 calendars that I put together for friends and family.

Family already had more calendars than they knew what to do with. So aside from the ones already going to a craft bazaar fundraiser, there were a few left over.   A couple sets were framed and other individual lids had magnet strips added to the back and are on the studio door.  A few lids were turned into Christmas ornaments and given to friends.

But I have an ice cream lid clock project to share so the history of the rest of the lids can wait.

ice cream lid clock/beginnings The surface diameter is 14” and 3/8” thick.  I painted the surface white,  3 coats to make it all even.  I did make an acrylic stain light brown in color and apply it to the other side but chose the white surface in the end.





 Parts from a plastic wall clock purchased from Dollar General were used for the hours part which fit nicely inside the circle of lids.  The hands and clock movement( motor and center post) did not.  The purchased clock was of thin plastic…..oops.   I was excited that the hours part fit but hadn’t thought about the center post, a post not on the purchased clock.




ice cream lid clock/

IMG_1590  So I went to the spoon clock and borrowed the clock movement pieces so the lid clock could be finished.  I will order the 3/8” unit for the lid clock and return the 3/4” unit to this other clock.



The lids will be glued to the surface in the near future. Two small eye screws and a piece of wire are on the back so it could be hung up as seen here.

Materials needed to do this project are;  One 14” clock surface; the clock movements with a 3/8” post (clock movements is what the company calls the motor unit) the hour, minute and second-hand come with it; the individual number like those in the spoon clock are separate; some white paint and brush; glue; and 12 painted 4 oz. container ice cream lids (someone might have to get them from a school ?) I traded a painted lid for every 20 lids a tray room friend collected for me.

I purchased the 3/4” clock movements and numbers for the spoon clock from Dick Blick art materials.  Michael’s or A C Moore likely has them as well.




I would enjoy hearing from you.