A Painted Sled for Christmas with Chickadees and Nuthatch

  What do you think about a painted sled for Christmas with Chickadees and a Nuthatch?


A Painted sled for Christmas
The start.

I acquired this sled some months back and figured that with a little sanding and some paint that it would make a nice support for a painting that featured birds.


A painted sled for Christmas
Step one

First, the sanding both the wood as well as the metal.  Since there is a vice in one of the garages I took the sled there and secured it. There was also access to a power grinder that would make sanding a bit easier.  It was still necessary to do some sanding by hand.

   Once the sanding was finished a coat of Zinsser primer was painted on the entire surface, top, bottom, and metal. ( except for the runners )




I spray painted the underside of the wood with a green paint and then covered the underside when the paint had dried so the runners could be painted black. I had also painted the risers green initially but was going to be painting them black as well. There is no photo of these steps.

   A painted sled for Christmas suits the time of year, and the sled can be displayed all winter. Though someone had used the sled in the past it is intended only for show at present.

 The next step was to decide what background to paint. What I chose was a blended background that would provide for some depth to the scene but not be distracting.

The steering arm composition would be changed several times.  The side wood bars were painted to look like paper birch branches. Though I set the seat area up quite different from one another artist had done the background suited this painting nicely.

A painted sled for Christmas I planned on featuring four different kinds of birds but while considering where to put them opted for Chickadees and a Nuthatch.  One more kind could yet be added but is not necessary.

The finished painting once dry will have a coat of acrylic gloss applied then after that also has dried 2 coats of clear gloss using Rustoleum or Valspar brand gloss.

The sled is available for sale at Bonanza.com In the Card’s Creative Canvases booth.

If you are interested in a custom order for a painting on a new sled email me at pcjrs@philjrsartscraftsmore.com

I would enjoy hearing from you.