rainwater collector

Rainwater collector/55 gallon barrel

  Thursday’s Project Post / Featuring a 55 gallon Vinegar Barrel now Rainwater collector.


rainwater collector
rain water barrel

This barrel can handle the water collection without needing to be painted but where is the joy in that? Just one more item in the backyard.

This will be my first year at container gardening; I’m anxious but it is too early here for open air gardening just yet.

    But it is the right time to set the rain barrel.

What to paint on the barrel was what I was having trouble deciding on.IMG_1872                                                                                     My first thought was to paint a nice Lighthouse with the ocean scape to go with it. Or possibly a nice landscape that would go well in this part of the yard.  So I started by base coating the barrel a light blue using a mixture of Zinsser primer and thalo blue acrylic paint.  Then I received a get well card sent on behalf of the tractor club ( Southern tier antique tractor ) that can be seen to the right of the barrel in the above photo that featured a green background a humming-bird and some flowers that look really nice. So I chose to develop something of my own from it.

IMG_1873                     After the first coat of green had dried a second coat was applied and some background colors added and blended in to cause them to recede into the background. It was decided then to paint flower pots at the bottom to give the scene more substance.

With the middle ground now being the center of attention, the background colors became less impoIMG_1874rtant. Though they too occupied some space which there is a lot of space to fill.

I actually worked from the center of the painting then to the right and left. The colors were now being applied full strength, with the leaves being added after the flowers.

   Painting the rainwater collector.


IMG_1875      Much of the painting was done using the wet into wet technique. Using acrylics to do this can be challenging, the paint’s consistency is the same so it blends quickly and becomes a flat color.

IMG_1877    What that blending requires then is to go back at a later time to add specific highlights and shading. I may return to the barrel at a later time and develop the flower pots more to help them stand out better.

I am planning to raise the barrel up by setting it on a re-purposed tire.   Also, a drain piece may be added so water does not always have to be dipped from the top.

And since it is only a few minutes after 6 pm I am going to see if an old tire is available, get it painted and in place for one final photo for this post.

rainwater collector     That is now accomplished and the tire will serve its purpose as long as I remember that the inside of the tire still needs to be filled with rocks and dirt so that the barrel will not tip over when it fills with water.

I would enjoy hearing from you.