Salt and Pepper containers; Have a new purpose.


It was time for a change.

The glass shakers seen here have seen many years of service.


IMG_1986   The glass itself is fine but the lids have had enough.  Salt took its toll on that shaker’s lid, and these containers were kept on the back of the stove and exposed to much cooking, and subsequent cleaning.

The new salt and pepper containers are already in use.  And as I looked at these retired jars I thought why not a simple re-purpose and keep them going for a little while longer.

IMG_1989   The shakers were washed and dried, the lids too but hey will not be used.

I then spray painted each shaker: black for pepper, and white for salt.

The black is a flat color so the jar also had a semi gloss clear applied. A hair dryer was then used to speed up the drying process.

IMG_1990   I then took each jar and highlighted the raised lettering and cornucopia on each. Black on the white jar and white on the black jar.

IMG_1991  The forks were secured in place with rubber silicone.  Not wanting to fill each shaker full of plaster of Paris,   a paper towel was balled up and placed in the bottom of each jar.  The plaster was then mixed separately for each shaker and added to them.


New life for old glass
New life for old glass

Since a few artificial flowers had just been purchased from Dollar Tree, I selected a flower for the salt and pepper shaker and stuck them in the hardening plaster.

IMG_1995  Time was allowed for the plaster to harden before the final touches were added so that the back of the shakers offered something to look at as well.

IMG_1996 Though we already have a variety of recipe card holders I think these turned out rather nice and deserve their chance to be used.

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