RePurposed Pill Bottle Holiday tree Ornament

     It is a great time of year to be able to do something worthwhile and lasting with some of your collection of pill bottles.

pill bottle ornaments    Turning your pill bottle collection into nice Christmas tree ornaments can be an easy project and an enjoyable one.   And the ornaments can be made by the kids as well. This Holiday project that can be done together. Or the young ones can make themselves with minimal supervision required.

img_3069   I kept the ornaments that will be shown here simple so that most anyone in your family could make one or more. And they can simply provide you with a basic idea of what you would like to make with the pill bottle collection you have. ( of course, you may have enough pill bottles to fill a couple of trees but don’t / Keep it to an enjoyable number).

  •          You will need a few empty pill bottles with the labels removed( of course ).
  •           Spray paint/ colors of you own choosing.
  •          A sharp knife to cut the tab from the lid.
  •         Some acrylic paints.

Acrylic gloss.

  •        Brushes and Paint tray. and a little container for rinse water.
  •           Ornament hooks / or eye screws and get the hooks later.

And anything else you might want to embellish your ornaments with.

I took and spray painted a few pill bottles and then let them dry completely. You saw a few in the above photo.

img_3068   The first bottle I worked on was the blue one with the 3D eyes on it.  I purchased the packet of eyes at Walmart a year ago.  The rest of the face was painted on.  Using some yarn and macaroni and other pasta would have made him a very interesting addition to the family’s ornament collection.

pill bottles w/abstract designs      Colorful abstract designs can make for an interesting pill bottle ornament and they don’t take very long to do either.

The three bottles to the left were done by 1. placing some green and yellow oil based paint in a small can that was 3/4 full of water.  The two bottles were done this way. The red and green bottle was done similarly but using fingernail polish.

img_3144img_3145img_3146      Other options are to paint flowers on the bottle.

Or by dabbing your brush into a couple of colors, stipple the colors onto the bottles.


And on any of the bottles you choose, you can paint on a snowman or add a small sticker.




Two of the photos show a fork stuck in the pill bottle. These and some other pill bottles I used are from a collection of message/recipe card holders I made. The decorations you make and add a fork to would be great for place settings.

img_3147        When you add the hooks or screws you are ready to go….Well once you have the tree up or some other place ready to hang and display your fine work.

Make a wonderful day of it.  Do share what you come up with.

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5 thoughts on “RePurposed Pill Bottle Holiday tree Ornament”

    1. Certainly. The only thing you will have to deal with is glitter flaking off and getting everywhere. To reduce the amount of glitter falling off apply some additional gloss on top of the glitter once the first adhesive has completely dried. Good Crafting.

    1. Good day Mildred The larger bottles would work as a table decoration and addition to a centerpiece.
      The embellished bottles are just the right size for an end table or coffee table. Check out my post Re-purposed Pill bottle/Table decoration for ideas.
      I have not used the larger bottles I have but with some minor adjustments, the project post would work for these too. Especially the next to last photo that shows a flower ring at the base of the bottles. I’d be glad to know what you come up with.

    2. HI Mildred Yes, the larger pill bottles can be used for a base with a small artificial flowers arrangement. A small amount of Plaster of Paris added to the bottom of the bottle then some florist’s foam or clay to support the flowers. Then stick a fork in it(optional). Respectfully speaking. The fork placed handle down would hold a picture, recipe card or message. Check out this post here. It is listed on the site if this link doesn’t connect you right away.The last photo on the bottom left should help.

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