Re-Purposed Pill Bottle/Table decoration

 IMG_1588    Up-Cycle that empty pill bottle


( I just edited this post 12/4/16 because some of the photos would no longer display..not sure why not. So there are a couple of replacements added and a lot of space in between. ).

While looking to find out what others had done with their empty

pill bottles some very practical uses were found.   This project too is practical

in a slightly different way, the end piece makes a nice table decoration, place card holder, and gift.

Having access to a lot of pill bottles, as many do, I wanted to do something with a few.  My grandparents on my dad’s side , years back collected creamer cups and stir sticks when they got coffee at Mc D’s .  Grandma would take and add plaster of Paris to the cup , place the stir stick, and add some embellishments, and when their church would have a supper she would set some of the finished pieces at a few of the tables as a little extra decoration. People were free to take them home after the dinner if I remember correctly.  They were an interesting decoration as well as a conversation piece.

My Grandparents have since passed; missed but they trusted their maker, so there is a future.

Working with some pill bottles I changed a couple of things more than once, to end up with finished pieces that I liked.

img_3103   What you will need to do this project is ; Pill bottles of course;  plastic forks;  a few small artificial flowers and greenery;  some small stones;  Dow Great Stuff foam sealant; Spray paint /your choice of color; some acrylic paint, like a green to paint the dome; a small paint brush; rubber silicone or tacky glue; Paint thinner to clean out the foam tube, it takes a very small amount.

Taking the empty bottles each was base coated and let dry.

IMG_1621  I painted flowers and butterflies on several, this is optional. They look good with solid colors as well.  Once the paint was dry I took and dropped in one or two small stones in each bottle to add weight to the bottom. Sand can be used, I just don’t care for it.

With the stones in place and making sure to leave an opening to the bottom with the stones, not the foam. The foam was then added to about 2/3 rds full. The foam will expand above the top. Dispense foam slowly it moves fast.  If you have any trouble let the foam cure completely and simply pull it out of the bottle.

IMG_1584         When I first made some of these I added the fork or spoon early as you would need to, using plaster, and as seen in the photo above.  For me now it is better to wait until the foam has fully or nearly cured.  Then simply stick a thin nonfood knife into the foam and add the fork.  This way adjustments can be made if needed.  Also ,you will find that the bend in the fork may need to lean the other way for whatever paper you are going to place in them.

It will take a good 24 to 48 hours for the foam to completely cure to the bottom. You can work with it not fully hardened after 2 to 3 hours.  The foam will still be gummy down inside.

Once you have the forks in place ( I used spoons in a few because I paint plastic spoons and wanted to see how they would look in the pill bottle).  You can paint the dome with the acrylic paint.  If you use the spray paint be sure the foam has hardened sufficiently or the paint will cause it to melt some.

Now you can add a flower and greenery to each. With some, you may only need to stick a stem in,   others you may need to glue.    I used whatever flowers and leaves were available in the attic,  you, of course, can have matching flowers or color scheme.


IMG_1140    The finished pieces you have will look good and might even be sellable, or used in a fundraiser-craft bazaar.


img_1141  These two photos show how the fork can be hidden some so that when being displayed at home the fork does not take away from the decoration and simply used when needed.

IMG_1034 With this one I found a ring of flowers and set the finished bottle inside it may be a bit much but might do for a more formal event.





IMG_1043Here is part of the collection just, not a very clear photo. From the one can of foam, I did over 40 pill bottles plus some caps I will display or provide a project for them in the future.  Good Crafting!


2 thoughts on “Re-Purposed Pill Bottle/Table decoration”

  1. I find you creations beautiful. I also appreciate your praise to our Lord and creator. I always wanted to paint rocks and add scripture to fit any mood but have never stopped long enough to pursue it. Have you ever done something like that? At this age (77) time is hard to find. I would need encouragement and also heckling. Always have time to laugh and pray. I would love to see you paint on rocks with scripture. Love your talent.

    1. Hi Elizabeth I’m sorry I did not respond sooner. Thank you for the compliment. Though I enjoy painting on rocks I have not added wording to many, but the suggestion is good and will have to share one or two when they are finished.

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