Repurposed Cloth covered Cheese Box

       A repurposed cloth-covered cheese box/gift box is a craft anyone interested can do.


To become cloth covered gift boxes
2 lb size block cheese boxes

Using a Velveeta brand or store brand 2 lb cheese box a very nice gift box can be made.   By selecting your choice of cloth covering and getting these items to work with or apply to the box you will be on your way to having a very nice collectible item.

I had been saving up. As can be seen in the photo.

  • scissors
  • glue. I used Loctite brand spray adhesive
  • ruler
  • pencil . Ink or marker can bleed through.
  • Your choice of embellishments to finish it up


I’ll show a couple of boxes that were painted that were not cloth-covered later in the post.


     For the cloth-covered box, I used the Price Chopper top though the photo here shows a different lid. The difference came as I worked on the boxes at nearly the same time.



The cloth I chose for this project is one that was originally going to be used to make cloth bookmarks. You can see the bookmark post here

cloth for covering cheese box
painted new handkerchief

This is a painted new handkerchief. It was handy as well as the size needed to cover the box top. You can use your own patterned or solid color cloth. You will want to be sure that whatever material you select hides the box print well.



  Once you have your material on hand you can cut out a rectangle piece long enough and wide enough to cover the top, sides and overlap the edges to the inside by 1/2” to 1”.

      My plan at first was to simply fold the cloth over and tuck it in. This proved to be impractical because of the bulkiness of the painted cloth. So what was done to remedy that was to cut out pieces from each corner but still leaving enough on the long side section to fold them around the sides of the box just enough to hide them.  I think that you are able to see what was done in the photo. The other lines that you see simply transferred from the plastic that the handkerchief was secured to when it was painted.

When you have your material ready do a test fold to make sure everything lines up as it should. This test fold also allows you to crease the edges ahead of the gluing step and make it easier when you do glue the cloth on.

  I did not cover the bottom section of the cheese box since the bottom fit snugly and would not allow me the needed room to add any material.

Place your material on the surface you are working on then you can go ahead and apply a thin layer of the adhesive you are using to the outside of the box.  then set the box on the cloth and bring the cloth up the sides and ends to secure them to the box.

You can now apply glue around the inside edges and secure the rest of the cloth inside.  Because I used Loctite spray adhesive the cloth was sprayed and then the material was secured to the box.  The spray adhesive works great but is tacky; if you choose to use it you may want to wear some plastic disposable gloves.

As seen in the previous photo and the next couple I painted something on the cloth as well.






  I chose to use the cloth-covered cheese box along with a jewelry box and a tissue box and finally a medium size berry box to house my parents Christmas gift card.


As you can see the gift card is quite small.

  I was counting on them getting the humor of it.

Though the decorated cheese box with some added decoration inside looked really good-by itself.



  Here are the photos of the painted boxes.

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