Multiple Re-Purposed Container Light House/Home Decoration

   Having coffee and Hot Cocoa cans available I decided to see how they would fit together with some smaller soup size cans to make a tall Light House home decoration.

 It was easy to obtain the cans for the repurposed container lighthouse.


img_1744   Coffee, as well as hot chocolate, are popular drinks in this house. So accumulating empty containers does not take very long.

Gallon paint cans are easy to come by as well.

img_1943   These work too




img_1743    The photos show different img_2361cans. I was building more than one Lighthouse so I was also checking to see what cans worked best for each re-purposing project.

Photo # 3 shows; from the bottom, a round gift box a friend gave me, a Valspar gallon paint can, a Beaumont coffee can, a Swiss Miss hot cocoa can, and a Folgers decaf coffee can, topped off with a Sun Kist tuna can and the cap from a Rustoleum  clear gloss spray paint can.  To light up the top an imported tea light from China. Photo #4 the base is a 2-gallon food tub.

repurposed container lighthouse To actually begin the project the cans have all been coated with Zinsser primer and allowed to dry. The two gift boxes you see were painted at another time but appeared to fit nicely in this Lighthouse project.

Once the cans were in the ideal arrangement I glued them together and allowed them to dry. What I have not done yet is make be holes in the bottom of each can before gluing it together so that a small string of low temp lights could be secured inside that would make it worthwhile to cut out window spaces.

img_1746 The first re-purposed coffee can lighthouse has windows painted on. The black band was painted on first then the windows.

I made the railing using craft sticks and tape. The railing could use some improvement.

The light works…Hooray!

These can handle a little weather but it is best to keep them dry and out of the weather.

So go ahead and make one up and have some fun doing it. Sincerely Phil Jr.

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  1. I am a lighthouse lover and I LOVE this idea. Have tons of cans to work with. Needed something for my foyer, now I have it.

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