Repurposed Yogurt container

Repurposed Yogurt container plant starter pot/vegetable or flower.

You can decide what the finished piece would be best suited for, I am going to use a few to start tomato and pepper plants once we get a little closer to spring.


repurposed yogurt container
To begin

This is a fairly easy project to do, and you can involve the kids if you like.  And have enough containers.

You will need one or more empty containers. Other similar plastic containers will work just as well.

Spray paint that can be used on plastic. Acrylic paints and gloss.  A few paint brushes, including a 2”utility brush to apply the base coat and dabbing on colors. And something to set the container(s) on to dry. Also a primer paint /I use Zinsser brand primer/ or Gesso which is an acrylic primer. Plastic gloves optional.

  1. If you are simply going to spray paint the container, place the container upside down on the surface you will paint it on and apply the paint and let it dry and you are done. But where is the fun in that?  You can, of course, add some embellishments to make it look sharp.  
  2. To paint the container using acrylic, first coat with a water based primer or gesso. For this project, it is not necessary to let this base coat dry.
  3. Now having applied a good base coat take the utility or large brush that you have and dip it in one or two of the colors you want to apply, then dab it on and around the container.
  4. From this point,  you can then go around the surface area again  blending the color a bit more but letting each show including the white.  This next photo shows step one and two of adding the colors.5. From here the pieces need time to dry which doesn’t take long with acrylics, and you can then move on to decorating the outsides.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      6.  Once you have decided on how to embellish the container and painted it on, let it dry, then cover it with the gloss.  If you added something to a spray painted container you only need to gloss the acrylic paint.                                                      7. Something to be aware of if you spray painted the container and want to use a spray gloss…the paint is likely to wrinkle up or blister spoiling its appearance.  A spray painted container does not need glossed.                                                                                     Have fun.

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