Repurposed Pill Bottle String of lights and More

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Having made a few Christmas ornaments recently it was time to go all out with the repurposed decorations.

When I first collected a variety of empty cans they were going to be used to make small decorative lighthouses.

One lighthouse was made that turned out pretty good.  But the Christmas Holiday is almost here and I had this stack of cans that needed a purpose.  So I painted the stack with a yellow and blue coat over the white then over the top of that some deep green was applied. By not adding the top color as a solid it was hoped that the variety of color would give the stack some dimension.  Truthfully the green spray paint was very low so I wanted the shades of color to work.

The base made using a 2 gallon food tub made the tree too tall when it was on the stand. And the tub would also have needed to be painted or covered with a cloth.

Back in July or August I purchased a small glass top end table at a flea market so that was used as the tree stand that was then covered with a green table cover and had ”Faux” faux snow placed on it. The 2-gallon tub for the bottom of the tree made it too tall so that was removed.

   The pillow stuffing used for the snow caused the tree to lean to the side. I removed it from under the tree and instead built it up around the tree.  Then garland was wrapped around the cans to begin the decorating process.

At first, only one strand of garland was going to be used but it did not go well by itself. Over top of the faux snow, a few branch pieces from an old artificial tree were placed around the base to provide contrast and texture.

  Next, a short string of Christmas lights that had a few pill bottles added to it was strung around the painted cans.  A few visitors to another post I made at thought adding the pill bottles to a string of Holiday lights would make for an interesting display. A couple of people were going to see how it worked. When I found this short string of Christmas lights it was time to do it as well.

   My concern with anyone adding pill bottles to Christmas lights is to be aware of the risk of a fire if the bulbs already get warm even before placing something over them.

After the lights were strung it was time to start adding more decorations. Around the bottom of the tree, a number of handmade and repurposed items were placed. The only real challenge to this part was keeping them from falling over the side, pillow stuffing snow does not hold things well.

  Once the bottom items were in place it was time to begin hanging things on the tree itself.

I had repurposed plastic spoons, ice cream lids, and ice cream sticks to work with, and a couple other small items.

  The faux Christmas tree was filling in nicely.

And then it was finished and time to light it up.



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