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Vintage Decorative Chair Upcycled

  Vintage decorative chair/start          This vintage decorative chair was going to be repurposed and brought back to life.

My friend Alicia Beck, sales and marketing manager at   UP The Creek Ladies Consignment Boutique, Owego NY picked up this little chair recently to have it brought back to life and made available for a fundraiser Raffle. The raffle will be held at the Moose lodge located on old route 17west, outside Owego NY. October 23rd, 2016 ). ( see events, on their Facebook page listed at the end of this post ).

img_2521img_2520img_2519 There would be a little work involved to accomplish the reclamation, yet what an opportunity.

The bird, bird house, and the welcome plaque were removed before the scraping was done. What little paint was left would be removed but not by sanding.  I used a hinge to scrape the old paint from the chair. By doing this the aged texture of the wood was preserved.

The bottom of the legs are not in good shape but cutting them down was at most a distant option. My plan was to cut two half-inch by three-inch by ten-inch pieces of pallet wood and secure them inside to stabilize the chair.
Once the old paint was removed two coats of Zinsser primer were applied ( each allowed to dry ).  I mixed some crimson and thalo blue with white to make a light purple for the base coats on the chair.  The bird was primed with white then yellow was applied over the primer. After mixing a light brown using the white primer as the tint base this color was painted on the bird house.  Then taking a darker brown, streaks were made in the base color to give a wood grain look to the paint.

img_2528   Alicia wanted the chair to be painted dark purple so I added more blue and red to the primer color and applied two coats to the chair.

The bird piece was painted to look a little like a goldfinch since yellow is purples compliment. The bird house front had a small piece of dowel rod added, and I broke up a couple pine twigs and glued them inside the opening. These pieces were then secured to the chair again and I could then move to the next step.

Repurposed Vintage decorative chair
Almost done
flowered vines done

The artwork for this vintage decorative chair      was to be of vines and white flowers. Two shades of green were used to base in the leaves. The vine would have three shades of brown. And to give some depth to plain white flowers a light blue was dabbed on first then the white was added.

img_2532-copy     Still having room after the previous step was done, I added some flowers and butterflies to the sides of the chair.

img_2533This photo shows the start.  More detail was added to the butterflies, flowers and the leaves.


img_2531    What I did not photograph were the boards used to steady the chair. I decided to use pieces of a shake shingle so the supports would be less noticeable. Each piece was painted purple on each side, then the side that would be facing out has a similar scene to the legs painted on them.  Three coats of Rustoleum clear gloss was applied to seal the painting and the chair was ready for display.

Up the Creek Ladies Consignment Boutique is located at 163 Main street, Owego, NY. 13827

and can be seen on facebook at   www.facebook.com/upthecreekconsignment

I believe raffle tickets are available now, if not very soon. Pickup would be required if you win, or arrangements made with UPS or FedEx for shipping.

Update; The Fashion show had a good turnout and a number of items that had been provided by those having rented tables to display their products were raffled off, including the chair featured here.