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More Canadian Geese Flying south


Not the same Geese

Do birds like Canadian geese know intuitively that the weather is going to change or is there something else that influences their behavior?




pond almost frozen over/ time to go

I was outside a while ago and thought I heard geese, and sure enough, they came into view, a long way up in the sky for sure but definitely heading south. A few minutes went by and another group passed by from a slightly different direction. There appeared to be more than 100 birds in that first group and about half as many in the second.                                      If this means that they know something is coming better get your shovels out, find that bag of rock hard snow melt, make sure there is coffee and hot cocoa mix available, then relax.  I hear that it is freezing rain and not snow in the forecast so have some extra groceries on hand too. Fretting… no, it is that we have had some very nice weather for this time of year and some may have put being ready off till now.                                                               Take Care unto the next time. Phil