Thankfulness and Thanksgiving


Come on out the snow is fine.
Come on out the snow is fine.


 I am thankful that there is much more to life than what we see and experience.

And having a worthwhile future because of the one who is over all and paid the debt for my failing. It is not religion but acknowledging the one who is life.
Thankful for the things I and we have been given by him to enjoy and to fill up our lives when the things given are used in the right way.
I like turkey and I also like ham if you do not nor do you feel you should eat it either that is okay too.
I have had the privilege of working in food service and serving many people for a number of years, though not all in a row. Lots of food and some nice guests to boot.
Certainly, there is more that could be shared but I wanted to get this out before the holiday rather than after it.

Though this post was not about the snow,  we certainly received some over the past couple of days. (Broome County, NY )True not as much snow as some others did but that is okay too.

Night Games you didn't know about
Night Games you didn’t know about

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