The Passover memorial begins

       Sunset Today I am told Passover started.  (that is Tuesday,sunset).

I should have known this myself but got distracted with the standard traditions many have held dear for so long.  No excuse though since I was going to write something to share with others of the great thing our Savior did on our behalf so that we could then be reconciled to Yahweh our creator, and Heavenly Father of those who believe.

The earthly passover established by God in the book of Exodus chapter 12 in the bible, was given to Moses for the children of Israel  to spare the lives  of the first-born when the destroying angel came through the land of Egypt.  Yet to get to the present, the passover sacrifice and the blood covering was given then for a specific requirement, and as a type of what the heavenly sacrifice was to accomplish.

The one you know as Jesus Christ (proper name Yahshua , the messiah) the only begotten son of God was to become the sacrifice for the sin of Israel and the rest of the nations.

In the first month of the year now known as Nissan, on the 10 th. day of the month Israelite families were to separate out a lamb of the first year that was without spot or blemish. They were to keep the lamb with them until the 14 th. of the month at which time the lamb was to be killed  and the blood applied to the side posts and mantle of the doorway.   But I am getting far from the point of this post.

   The one who is savior had to fulfill the heavenly requirement for what the first was only a type.  Yahshua did this exactly.

When Yahshua entered Jerusalem riding on a colt the foal of a donkey, and the people were shouting hosannas, this was on the 10 th of Nissan .  Though the people including his disciple did not grasp the significance at the time.

On the 13 th. of Nissan Yahshua had the disciples together for what is known as the preparation meal not the actual eating of the  passover . What he did do at the time was establish a memorial and substitute for future passover.   The eating of  a piece of bread and drinking of wine that would be representative  of  his body and the blood he was soon to shed( the bread does not become his flesh when taken).

After the meal(called the shagigah/sp? meal, the preparation meal) they sang a song and went out to the garden in Gethsemane.  ( Read the accounts in the scriptures to get more of the details) .  This was at or just after sundown which would be the beginning of the 14 th.   While at the garden Yahshua was arrested and taken to Caiaphas the acting high priest, Yahshua was taken first to Annas the father in law of Caiaphas a former high priest.    To be arrested at night was against the law, it was also illegal to try a person after dark.   But this was all in the purpose and foreknowledge  of  God the father as well as that of Yahshua.   This mock trial though tested Yahshua’s character and proved him without fault inside as well.

The son of God , the visible image of the invisible God could never be overcome by anyone anywhere.  But the Son was destined for the stake in order to endure Yahweh’s wrath against (our)sin and to pay the price for sin by his own death(the shedding of his life’s blood).

Yahshua was to be hung on a stake(nailed to a tree) and this would take place during the time on the 14 th.  when the lambs were slain.  His life’s blood would pay the debit for the sin of the whole world. Salvation is Yahweh’s gift to all who believe. See Ephesians chapter two verses 8 through 10.

Yahshua yielded up his life at about 3 pm. on the 14 th. the payment was made and he of his own doing gave up his last breath.

The 15 th of Nissan is the beginning of the feast of unleavened bread,  it is also a sabbath/rest day making for two sabbaths in this week.  So this becomes clear the 15 th. would then be our thursday.

In Mathew 12;40 Yahshua said that he would be in the state of death the same length of time Jona was in the belly of the great fish(also dead for those who do not know) that was three days and three nights.

Using Yahshua’s own timing , three days and three nights from the afternoon(three pm ) of the 14 th. our Wednesday , Thurs. 3 pm , fri 3 pm. sat 3 pm , the word is fulfilled.                                                                                                              Yahshua was removed from the stake before sunset and in the tomb before the beginning of the high sabbath of the 15 th.

Yahshua was raised back to life at or shortly after 3 pm on the regular weekly sabbath (our saturday).  It was the women who came to the tomb more than one time the first day of the week, the first time being just after the regular sabbath ended at sunset.  Yahshua was not there and he appeared first to Mary Magdalene but not until several hours later sunday morning.

There is certainly more information and lots of detail shared in the gospel accounts in the bible.  And they all reveal the perfection in how Yahweh carries out his word and his plans. And how much he loves us.


I would enjoy hearing from you.