Wednesday-Almost over


           ” Merry  Christmas “

Less than two days away now. I’m certain that there are  many looking forward to the day, and a few of you looking for the day after, when it’s pretty well over except the few returns and post holiday sales.                                                      I saw an interesting snow-like man on Facebook this morning , made up of mud since there was no snow to be found.  I’m happy to be an artists though , the snowmen I have painted this year have not succumbed to the warm weather.                        I know that the two friends who purchased snowman paintings for yard display are really looking forward to some snow  that will complement their yard decoration. I think they are looking for the snow any way.

            Let me wish any of you who happen by the site " A merry Christmas",  and to any who do not celebrate the day " Have a wonderful normal day". 

          The saviors birth was likely just after harvest time in Israel, a season better suited for those who had to pay the tax imposed by Caesar for travel, and the fact that the shepherds were still in the fields tending their sheep( I am told that shepherds bring in the herds in winter the rainy season).  Just something to think about.

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