Yoplait's 5 oz yogurt glass jar

Yoplait’s” OUI” 5 oz Yogurt Glass Jar Repurposed

   Yoplait’s” OUI ” 5 oz yogurt glass jar.  Yoplait recently introduced its French-style yogurt that they named ”OUI”, Yes, and it is very tasty.

I do Product sampling demos at a Walmart store and this is where I was first introduced to ”OUI” French-style yogurt. Since I am also one who likes to repurpose things my first thought for the 5 0z. jars were as votive candle holders. The jars are an ideal size for the small candle. A person could also make the jar itself into a small scented candle.

     Yoplait’s OUI 5 oz. yogurt glass jar is much more versatile than for simply being made into a candle.  While I had quite a few empty jars to work with once washed, I began to think about other uses for them. ( Not while I was working, of course, I was very busy dishing up samples ).

On the side of the jar is written ”single service use” likely for liability reasons. What a waste that would be for the glass jar. So with whatever I share or you choose to do use good discretion.

   I have yet to make the candle but several other practical and fun projects were tested.

One was to fill the jars with different types of candy. The jars to be used will be painted with  Holiday or seasonal art.



 Having some fancy duct tape I finished a licorice candy dish by covering the top with the tape. The decoration on the jar is painted using acrylic paints and sealed with a clear acrylic gloss.





This is the jar prior to adding the candy.





  The glass is not Pyrex, tempered glass, but it is a thick glass so I wanted to find out if it could handle a 350-degree oven.  The test was for two purposes; 1 to know if paints that need to be heat set to make it top rack dishwasher safe can be used . 2 To know if a dessert could be baked in it and safely served to someone. Both tests worked. I would use a better quality paint for the next jars.

While I was making banana bread some of the batter was added to 3 jars, each at a slightly different level not being sure how high the mix would rise in the jars. The OUI 5 oz yogurt jars held up great. ( I have only test baked at 350-degrees in the convection bake mode).

     Yoplait’s OUI yogurt 5 oz. glass jars also work well with no-bake desserts. After going to a couple of grocery stores to pick up instant pudding mixes and toppings as well as some no-bake cheesecake, I made some up and soon after gave them to friends. One of the desserts is banana cream with a vanilla wafer crust.




   I baked or made a number of other desserts as well. Pineapple upside down cake. A baked cheesecake prior to the no-bake cheesecake done using a recipe found on allrecipes.com.   A Brownie and M&M dessert from a recipe I found in a Taste of Home recipe book.








Yoplait's OUI 5 oz yogurt
Yoplait’s OUI 5 oz yogurt glass jar

Having some friends who have a microgreens business made me think that the jars might also make nice single serve salad topper. Though the test grow was okay I would like the yield to be denser.  I will have to find out if my friends will give it a go.






Yoplait's 5 oz yogurt glass jar The jars do paint up nicely.

See what you can come up with,  And I will go into more detail with some of the things I came up with.  And share a couple good ideas that friends have suggested.


Make it a good day and you will have had a good day.



I would enjoy hearing from you.